This Month’s Reads: May 2023


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Middlemen. So many advertising middlemen.

Find out about the tech, companies, and fees that get between an advertiser and a publisher. Also TikTok for search (?) and keeping Amazon listings fresh.

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Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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📚 You should read…

What Happens When You Click On An Ad?

There are at least eight different types of companies potentially monitoring every ad click on the internet. We break them down.


7 Types of Internet Cookies and Their Alternatives Explained

I, for one, can’t wait until I never hear the phrase “you need to prepare for 3rd-party cookie deprecation” ever again. Until that glorious day, you should read this article to get to better understand what you should be preparing.


How to Find Relevant Keywords for Amazon

Don’t let your listings get stale. Tips for finding relevant keywords and a few more about saving time and resources for Amazon optimisation.


How much in fees are ad tech companies charging publishers & advertisers?

Up to 98% of what an advertiser pays to run an ad never makes it into the publishers pockets. Find out where it all goes.


Is TikTok Going to Replace Google?

People are using TikTok as a search engine so much that TikTok now sells ‘search ads’. So should it get your search budget?

Probably not all of it just yet, but it is definitely a grower. Here is a key quote on what makes it such a powerful search alternative:

Moz: “Another reason users choose TikTok is that the answer will always be provided by a subject matter expert, not a niche blogger. Social proof abounds, as you can assess the expertise of your source by looking at the comments and number of views, likes, and followers.