This Month’s Reads: March 2023


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More money from your ad setup, content, and SEO, and more value from LinkedIn. Plus why things will be changing on Meta Ads.

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The Top 30 Digital Marketing LinkedIn Accounts

Whether you are a Twitter exile or a LinkedIn mega-fan (if there is such a thing), we’re here to help you get more out of the business social network.


What is a Prebid Adapter?

Following last month’s explanation of Prebid, here is Setupad’s write-up on how to connect to it. It’s complex, but it will increase your revenue.


SEO First Principles

Kevin Indig explains the most basic building blocks of SEO. If you run an ad-funded website, organic traffic is vital to your success.


7 Content Types You Need in Your Online Marketing Strategy (+Examples)

Not all content is created equal. If you want to maximise the value (and likelihood) of website visits you should read this guide.


Meta prohibited from using personal data for advertisement

Facebook is very likely going to have to completely change its advertising model, due to GDPR. This is a nerdy but interesting read from the people who brought the case – but in case you don’t have time for all that, here is the key quote:

Max Schrems:

Instead of having a ‘yes/no’ option for personalized ads, they [Meta] just moved the consent clause in the terms and conditions. This is not just unfair but clearly illegal. We are not aware of any other company that has tried to ignore the GDPR in such an arrogant way.”