This Month’s Reads: March 2022


📆 This Month

This month we’re looking to the future.

Who to follow, what and when to post, how advertising and analytics are changing… and how not to get scammed when running ads.



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📚 You should read…


50 Digital Marketing Twitter Accounts To Follow in 2022

It’s not who you know, it’s who you follow. If you’re looking for hidden gems, rising stars, and helpful giants on Twitter, check out this list.

Understanding Google’s FLoC replacement Topics, and its unanswered questions

The future of targeting display advertising has just changed dramatically once again. Find out more about the new paradigm ahead.

A Pragmatic Guide on The Best Time to Publish Posts

The best time to post depends on so many things. However, sometimes you just need some benchmarks to help get you started.

EUs Move Against Google Analytics Is Just the Beginning

Is Google Analytics illegal in Europe now? Well not exactly, but it’s not exactly legal either. You should read this if you use GA.

7 Types of Ad Fraud (and how to prevent it)

Serving ads in the same place, faking inventory levels or quality, or just plain old sticking ads on other people’s sites. Advertisers beware!