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Change is coming – publishers and advertisers alike, beware!

Search is in a chaotic period like no other right now.

  • Paid search is moving ads below AI responses instead of above traditional search results.
  • More is known about the past of organic search than ever – but the future is entirely uncertain.

There is also more money in the online advertising ecosystem than ever, but who is getting it (and how can you get more of it)?

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Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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Google Search’s New AI Overviews Will Soon Have Ads

Now that Google Search has AI overviews, the online ecosystem is changing. Less organic search traffic from Google is assured – but what about paid search traffic?


Ad Spending Will Jump More Than Anticipated in 2024

It’s not just political advertising that’s going through the roof right now—video and retail ads are exploding, too. With more money out there, publishers should expect a boon year for revenue.


Data Storytelling: Skills and Elements — Whiteboard Friday

A good report isn’t one that reports on good results – it’s one that improves future results. Learn how to use the numbers to boost revenue.


Ask For A Frequency Cap

Of the many tools in an advertiser’s or website’s arsenal, a frequency cap is often the most overlooked. Changing the frequency cap can change the outcome of a campaign, though, and vastly increase both efficiency and results.


Secrets from the Algorithm: Google Search’s Internal Engineering Documentation Has Leaked

One of the largest leaks from Google in history has revealed an incredible amount about how Google Search works.

It has also revealed that Google has straight-up lied about many aspects of how Google Search works for years. This great article by Mike King contains a mixture of recriminations and helpful insights.

The key quote:

“Later still, he [Gary Illyes] famously used his platform to disparage Rand Fishkin (founder/CEO of Moz, and a longtime SEO practitioner) saying that “dwell time, CTR, whatever Fishkin’s new theory is, those are generally made up crap.”

In reality, Navboost has a specific module entirely focused on click signals. ”