This Month’s Reads: June 2023


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The future. Predicting it, planning for it, measuring it.

And I’m not talking about AI (well not until right at the end anyway).

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How many ads do we really see in a day? Spoiler: it’s not 10,000

Hundreds of articles and blogs will tell you that we see up to 10,000 ads a day. The problem? No one – believes it’s true (because it’s not).


How to use Social Media for Environmental Advocacy

There’s possibly no better medium to run an environmental advocacy campaign on than social media. Here’s a brief how-to guide.


The Three-Word Brief

The grumpiest man in advertising explains why brand meaning is … meaningless. Take heed green-washers.


The Attribution Stack: How to Make Budget Decisions

A deep dive into all the ways you can measure the effectiveness of ads, with each category taken from easiest/worst to hardest/best. Analysts: read this.


A Path to Net Zero for the Digital Advertising Sector

The digital advertising sector has a dirty little secret: its carbon footprint is huge. How big? About the size of the airline industry.

But things are changing. Not just out of the goodness of our hearts, but because of financial necessity. The key quote:


…big brands are now tuning in to the carbon footprint of their organizations’ ad campaigns. They are keen to reduce their company’s Scope 3 emissions, which is why many ad tech companies are now seeing questions in RFI’s that ask such things as: what is your annual greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions? Are you a carbon-neutral company? Have you set a net-zero target?