This Month’s Reads: June 2022


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A useful tool for an old metric, a surprisingly useless new metric, knowing your customers, and not knowing who you are dealing with on LinkedIn (fun fact: it’s no one!).

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📚 You should read…


5 Things Your Data Studio PPC Dashboard Must Have

If you're reporting on paid search campaigns (even just for yourself) then dashboards can be amazingly useful.


Designing Infographics to Get More Backlinks: 5 Top Tips

Quick and affordable to make, emminently shareable, and backlink magnets. What's not to like about infographics?


Everything You Need to Know About Ad Strength

Add a header, change a description, add a keyword… does ad strength for Google Ads even matter? (Spoiler: probably not)


How Utilizing User Personas Helps Fine-Tune and Improve Marketing Strategies

Channel market data, personalize it, and optimize your marketing content to meet the specific needs of your target audience.


That Smiling LinkedIn Profile Face Might Be A Computer-Generated Fake

The strange story of how companies are using fake people for lead gen on LinkedIn. Bots are everywhere!