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Re-examine what you know.

An old ad size is making a comeback, the middle of the sales funnel gets broken down, and a deep dive into whether you should split your brand and performance ad budgets.

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Prohaska Study Says 1 in 3 U.S. Advertisers Blocked News Entirely

For far too long, the advertising ecosystem has known that news publishers are major causalities in the war against disinformation.


Ad Size Guide: What is a 336×280?

This ad size was abandoned in 2011 but is making a comeback due to bigger screens, higher resolutions, and dynamic ad creation. Learn more about the long-forgotten LREC.


Debunking five myths of programmatic buying

There are many reasons not to buy ads programmatically (privacy being #1), but none of these five should put you off.


How to measure the ‘messy middle’

Get people to notice you > *something happens* > purchase. The middle of the funnel is long overdue for a deeper look. Learn how to measure it, break it down, and ultimately optimise it.


Can you achieve long and short at the same time?
Usually, no

Brand campaigns bring long-term benefits, while performance marketing brings in immediate sales. Each is important and very different in its execution – so why do so many of us try to cover both bases with one ad campaign?

Read this great deep dive into splitting your budget versus trying to pull double duty. The key quote:

“When you position for the long of it, you just need your brand values and distinctive assets and then amazing creative work that brings this to life. For the short of it, you need old-style positioning statements with clear product benefits, aimed at specific segment needs and versus particular category alternatives.


Similarly, while the best brand campaigns tend to be a variation on a single long-running theme stretched over many years, the challenge of activation requires multiple overlapping campaigns aimed at different periods, segments and opportunities across a marketing year.”