This Month’s Reads: July 2023


📆 This Month

It’s time to talk numbers.

With GA4 becoming the main analytics platform for most people this month, we go all in on analytics – what we hate, what the future is, and what we can learn from the past.

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Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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📚 You should read…

‘Kicking and screaming’ about GA4

In case you were wondering if you were the only one who hated GA4, the answer is a resounding no (from most people).


What is a Data Clean room?

You can’t share your data with just anyone these days, but you may still need to combine it with others anonymously sometimes. A data clean room is the answer.

Invalid Traffic – What Is It and How to Prevent It?

Bots make up over half of all internet traffic. You don’t get paid when they visit your site and show them an ad. Sigh. But also – fair enough, really.


Digital attribution is dead! Why marketers need econometrics in 2023

With the death of GA3 and cookies going soon, tracking is getting worse and worse. Time to go back to the way we attributed in the days of yore.


You Need a Nemesis

Defining your brand as against something – an idea, the status quo, or a bigger brand can pay off – if you do it right.

Sometimes it makes sense to pick a fight. The key quote:


There’s no need to be coy when you’ve built a best-in-class product—calling out the limitations of competitors is fair game.


Even without feature parity, direct comparisons can work in your favor: if you’re not strictly better, highlight how you’re different.