This Month’s Reads: January 2022


📆 This Month

We set you on the right track for the year with a roundup of the best digital marketing tweets of 2021 and SEO trends for 2022.

We also give tools and guides on how to monetise, refresh and find ideas for your content (and how Google overrules you).


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📚 You should read…


Top 30 Digital Marketing Tweets of the Year [2021]

Our delightful annual round-up of the most interesting, helpful, and thought-provoking digital marketing tweets of the year.


Why, when, and how to refresh old content

Make all that’s old new again. A great guide on how and when to refresh your old content.


Google Ad Manager vs Google AdSense

Google have two platforms that websites can use to make money from advertising. But which one is for you?


Top SEO Trends In 2022

Zara Dumayas predicts SEO fundamentals will be big in 2022: video, mobile, quality, and of course featured snippets.


9.5 Ways Google Rewrites Your Title Tags

Think Google respects the way you write titles? Think again! Here are all the ways that Google retitles your content in search results.