This Month’s Reads: February 2024


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This is going to be a year of change. More AI, fewer cookies, and, as with every year – more types of advertising.

Keep up, catch up, and plan ahead.

Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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📚 You should read…

Ten predictions for creators in 2024

A solid list of predictions from Raptive on how this year is going to go, what with AI and cookie deprecation changing a lot. Website publishers take note.


Google’s Limited Ads and TCF 2.0: Everything You Need to Know

TCF 2.0 makes it practical to serve ads to people who opt out of tracking. Those ads are called Limited Ads. Find out about them.


Fiverr’s YouTube Influencer Campaign

Fiverr flipped the script on influencer marketing – getting influencers to create content that people actually wanted to see. Get some inspiration.


What is OTT (Over-the-Top) in Programmatic Advertising?

The “top” in OTT is the set-top box. Running ads on streaming services has a lot of acronyms, and understanding each helps you do it better in their own way.


48,000 companies sent Facebook data on a single person

Facebook doesn’t need to listen to your microphone to find out about you when the whole internet is telling it about you.

A startling study about the scale of data points being collected.

The key quote:

“One company appeared in 96% of participants’ data: the San Francisco-based data broker LiveRamp. But the companies sharing your online activity to Facebook aren’t just little-known data brokers. Retailers like Home Depot, Walmart and Macy’s all were in the top 100 most frequently-seen companies in the study. Credit reporting and consumer data companies such as Experian and TransUnion’s Neustar also made the list, as did Amazon, Etsy and PayPal.”