This Month’s Reads: February 2023


📆 This Month

Good and bad advertising, and alternatives you should consider exploring.

Also – is AI content the way forward? Probably not (according to the stats).

Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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📚 You should read…


What is Prebid? | Everything Publishers Should Know

AdX is not your only choice when it comes to programmatic. Prebid is open-source header bidding and it might just be the future.


On Trump’s Social Network: Ads for Miracle Cures, Scams and Fake Merchandise

A look at the ads actually running on Truth Social.


5 Ways To Approach Online Marketing Ethically

People will pounce on any excuse to complain about marketing. Don’t give them extra ammunition by using cheap and sleazy tactics.


Google: Interstitials are Fine Under this Condition

Google hates mobile interstitials and will punish any site that uses them – but only if they load immediately after loading a site.


[Investigation] Has AI Already Replaced Human Writers?

Some reassuring stats for all content writers – AI content might be cheap and easy but it doesn’t seem to bring in much traffic (at the moment).