This Month’s Reads: February 2022


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We help you to think about your audience. What do they want? Will they share your article? Are ads ruining their experience of your website?

Without a community behind you, everything is much more difficult.



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📚 You should read…


Who Will Amplify This? And Why?

Writing isn’t enough, you need an audience who will share what you’ve written. Rand Fishkin takes a look at the art of amplification.


Why You Should Incorporate Emotional Intelligence Into Your Digital Marketing

Empathising with your customers/audience won’t just make your marketing better, it will make your company better too writes Jori Hamilton.


Do Ads Affect Your Core Web Vitals Score?

A real nuts and bolts look at how having ads on your site can impact your Page Experience metrics.


Content Marketing Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

Dan Martin breaks down the basics of content marketing for non-profits (and anyone really) in this useful article.


SEO vs SEM: Which is better for your business?

While this question has been asked to death – I think this comprehensive breakdown of each is the best yet. Well worth a read.