This Month’s Reads: December 2023


📆 This Month

“The season” is here once again, and as always, there is a lot riding on it for websites and advertisers alike.

We have a merry bunch of articles to make sure you succeed by focussing, optimising, and not missing a thing.

Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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📚 You should read…

How Google Ads Match Types Are Changing

In a move that absolutely no one saw coming, broad match is now … checks notes… useful?! Yes, you heard me right – broad match is no longer the refuge of lazy agencies and hopeful noobs. Learn why.


7 Point Digital Marketing Checklist for December

Our yearly reminder of all the things you should have done by now to prepare for “the season”. Use our checklist to make sure you’re ready.


Updates to how publishers monetize with AdSense

Google AdSense now pays per impression. This is probably a good thing as it will simplify payments and forecasting. Read the announcement for details.


AI-Generated Content is the New Floor

Robots be writing. If you can’t outwrite AI then you should either give up or get better to stay competitive. Strange times.


Europe’s hidden security crisis

Most web pages with ads on them broadcast your internet activity indiscriminately. What you’re into, what your problems are, where you go, who you hate – it’s all sent out there because of RTB ads.

And unsurprisingly, some intelligence agencies are collecting this free-flowing information and using it to find out all about… everyone.

The key quote:

“RTB data not only allow foreign states and non-state actors to track key personnel and leaders’ movements and online activity, but also expose intimate information about targeted individuals and their organisations to influence, blackmail, or hacking by foreign and non-state actors.”

[Sorry to spoil your Christmas. But don’t worry, Google and the IAB can be ordered to fix it, apparently]