This Month’s Reads: December 2021


📆 This Month

We focus on taking care of all your uncertainties – it is the festive season after all and you probably deserve a present.

Get the most out of your content, your emails, your comms team, your customers, and your backlinks.


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📚 You should read…


The Content Value Curve

Does your content bring more strategic or tactical value to readers? Plot your content on this curve to ensure it brings the most value… to you!


The Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks Guide

Are your emails performing how you want them to? Stop guessing, and take a look at these vital email marketing benchmarks.


A wellbeing guide for comms professionals

If/when a PR crisis hits your organisation, don’t compound the damage by not being prepared or burning out your comms team. This guide was written for charity comms teams but is useful for everyone.


Customer Acquisition Cost + How to Optimize It

Knowing the costs involved with acquiring your customers is essential, if it’s too high, you’ll need to re-think some of your marketing strategies.


The Complete Guide To Anchor Text Optimization

There’s way more to anchor text than turning words into clickable links.