This Month’s Reads: August 2022


📆 This Month

Keep it simple stupid (no offence).

SEO first principles, affiliate marketing for beginners, and a classic (but powerful) Google Ads strategy.

On top of this, a powerful (and classic) metric everyone should use, and how to spice up your writing.



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📚 You should read…


SEO First Principles

It’s easy to get lost in wild speculations with SEO, but good strategies and tactics are always the results of reasoning from first principles.


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Updated Guide for 2022

Now is a great time for beginners to get into affiliate marketing since there are more opportunities than ever before.


How To Work Out Your Target CPA

It may seem like a niche metric, but establishing a target CPA can be a practical tool to help your company stay profitable.


The Single Keyword Ad Groups Strategy (SKAGs)

By targeting a single keyword, you can create ads with an ultra-relevant copy for searchers. Learn how in this great guide.


Strategies for Sentence Variation

Too many sentences with the same structure and length can grow monotonous for readers. Avoid boredom, embrace variety!