This Month’s Reads: April 2024


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Unsurprisingly, ad tech continues to make placing ads on the web easier. Easier doesn’t always mean better, though.

Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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Who Sends Traffic on the Web and How Much?

Incredibly helpful research from SparkToro and Datos showing which websites send the most traffic to different types of site on the web.


What does Ad Call / Ad Request mean?

Ad call” is helpful for descriptive purposes but can get messy if you chase down everything it refers to.


A.I. Fuels a New Era of Product Placement [Paywall]

If you’re looking to get your product into a video you no longer need to actually send anyone a product. TIHI.


Responsive Display Ads: A Comprehensive Guide

You used to have to make a million different ad sizes if you wanted to fill every potential ad slot. Now Google will just squish your bits into any old place for you.


How Google is killing independent sites like ours

The AI-pocalypse may be coming for content creators, but for serious product reviewers like HouseFresh, the cheap content mill has been killing them for a while.

Big publications churn out product review listicles without ever testing the products. Or worse, they buy up trusted websites and use that trust to trick people into buying from their affiliate links.

This nonsense content frequently makes it to the top of Google for product searches. If you make product recommendations based on your actual experience, then this is a must-read. For everyone else – buyer beware.

The key quote:

“For example, Better Homes & Gardens [ranked #1 on Google for air purifier reviews] recommends the Molekule Air Mini+ as their best option for small rooms.

We have no idea how this device made the list considering that Molekule recently filed for bankruptcy, has active class action lawsuits for false advertising, has been recognized by Wirecutter as the worst air purifier they tested, and received the honor of being labeled as “not living up to the hype” by Consumer Reports.”