This Month’s Reads: April 2023


📆 This Month

Old ideas redefined!

Re-use your old content, re-evaluate your video advertising, and redefine your audience. Don’t chase, the new – there are a ridiculous amount of opportunities lurking in what you already have.

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Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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The Difference Between CTR and CTOR

It’s one of the oldest tricks to fall for in the digital marketing book – thinking that CTOR and CTR are directly comparable. They are not.


Content Arbitrage: Shopping at the Thrift Shop of Ideas

The core risk of content marketing is creating something that nobody cares about. One way to tackle this problem—to reduce the time it takes to create content, and to increase the likelihood of its success—is to use content arbitrage.


What Are Standard Cohorts?

Publisher A defines a food-lover as someone who visits a restaurant review twice in 60 days while Publisher B defines a food-lover as someone who views one recipe in 90 days. Standard Cohorts define which publisher is correct.


As Advertisers Pivot to Out-Stream, What’s the Incentive for Publishers?

A technical but important improvement to how video inventory is classed should make a huge difference to revenue and performance.


How The Verge gamed Google with its ‘best printer 2023’ article

The authoritative tech publication used ChatGPT to produce the majority of a satirical review, pointing out that it shouldn’t rank. Yet it does. Here is a fun quote from the article that did so well:


The Verge: “And here’s 275 words about printers I asked ChatGPT to write so this post ranks in search because Google thinks you have to pad out articles in order to demonstrate “authority,” but I am telling you to just buy whatever Brother laser printer is on sale and never think about printers again.