This Month’s Reads: April 2022


📆 This Month

This month we’re looking at UGC.

How to launch your TikTok channel, research YT keywords, and why LinkedIn is so cringe (and more).



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📚 You should read…


What to Know When Starting a TikTok channel

Advice written for charities thinking about TikTok that applies to any business. Well worth a read before diving in.


Ways to Use Live Streaming During a Product Launch

New products need all the hype they can get. Learn how to make the perfect stream to boost your launch.


The Google Ads Auction & Why Ad Rank Is Important

A look at the main factors used in Ad Rank, and what those factors mean for your ad strategy.


YouTube Keyword Research: An Actionable Guide

Your goal is to have lots of video views & subscribers. How can you make these wishes come true?


Why is LinkedIn so cringe? 

HR reps as influencers – how on earth did that happen? LinkedIn is different by design, and it makes you act differently too.