This Month’s Reads: September 2020

This month on The Online Advertising Guide
… we go deep into the basics, starting with an exceptional examination of how long posts should be from Gael Breton of Authority Hacker.

I take a look at *all* the different types of impression, and the Local SEO tool everyone should be using, and we have a must-read Ultimate Guide To Advertising Metrics by Abhik Shome of The Starting Idea. Plus Emmanuel “Bong” Fornillos of Design Doxa is back to teach us all about Brand Positioning Strategy.

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This Month's Reads

How Long Should Your Posts Be?How Long Should Your Posts Be?
by Gael Breton, Founder & Chief Editor at Authority Hacker

“You should aim for longer content, but not because it directly helps SEO. Google doesn’t really care how long your article is”

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Types of Impression in Digital Marketing [Infographic]Types of Impression in Digital Marketing [Infographic]
by Justin Driskill, Editor of The Online Advertising Guide

“There are Premium Impressions (although not really), and Unique Impressions, and Impression Shares, and Post Impressions & things that happen Post-Impression…”

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The Ultimate Guide To Advertising MetricsThe Ultimate Guide To Advertising Metrics
by Abhik Shome, Founder of The Starting Idea

“Advertising metrics measure the progress of your ad campaigns & give you a crystal clear picture of where you are succeeding and what needs to change. Think of them as a navigation system for your business.”

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5 Steps in Creating a Brand Positioning Strategy5 Steps in Creating a Brand Positioning Strategy
by Emmanuel “Bong” Fornillos, Senior Author at Design Doxa

“Among the reasons behind these mega-brands’ success is that they have a clear, well-thought-out brand positioning strategy–and they align their businesses with it.”

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Local SEO Recommendation: Google My BusinessLocal SEO Recommendation: Google My Business
by Justin Driskill, Editor of The Online Advertising Guide

“Google My Business is one of the rare services where there is no reason not to sign up. Learn why you should do it now!”

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Online Advertising Answers: August 2020Bonus: Online Advertising Answers: August 2020

August’s Q&A:

★ How do you create PPC reports that people will actually read?
★ How much money do I get on 100 visitors with Google AdSense?
★ How long have you worked in digital marketing & what surprises you the most?”

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