This Month’s Reads: June 2021

📆 This Month

Ads are changing – learn all about the new targeting and placement paradigms. Also, a comprehensive list of all the types of SEO, an investigation on how & why clicks really matter to Google search (and you), and expert Amazon advertising advice.

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📚 This Month You Should Read…

A Complete List of The Types of SEO

There are four main categories of SEO, but within them are subcategories, specialisms, strategies, tactics, and blocks of work worth considering.


The Return of Contextual Targeting

Targeting ads at relevant pages was how advertising worked before cookies and algorithms took over. A look at how/why to go back to the old ways.


How Do I Optimize My Amazon PPC Campaign Better Than Anyone Else? – An Expert’s Advice

If you sell products through Amazon, then you have to advertise your listings too. Don’t waste money to make money – do it right.


3 Vital Click-Based Signals for SEO: First, Long, & Last

Google says they use interaction data to rank web signals. Moz look at what this means for clicks without getting into the same old debates.


63% users willing to accept light, non-intrusive ads: How publishers can reconfigure their advertising strategies

A compromise has been reached between websites & users on how many (and where) ads can be placed on a page – that even Ad Blockers agree to!