The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Pricing & Packages

A digital marketing strategy is more than just planning to promote your services online. It requires much of your efforts to dig deeper into every other aspect of making it come into action. And so, your digital marketing plan should include the pricing model as well, to determine exactly what are you going to pay for marketing.

You are not alone if you still do not have a pricing model ready for calculating your expenditure. But, you should have one immediately, as you cannot let your marketing dollars to go in vain on an unthoughtful marketing plan that has no precise expenses.

No worries. The infographic has everything for you from pricing models to perfectly designed packages that you can leverage from. Your preference matters, but what is more important, is to realize your business needs and capabilities and then select the right model.



Whether you need frequent upgrades, a certain amount of work completed, or you demand the complete result, the infographic lists all the pricing models and their requisites. The average cost charged by marketing consultants has been mentioned for all the models. Also, you will get to analyze the statistics that support all the aspects covered in the infographic. Have a look.


The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Pricing & Packages

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