The Top 30 Digital Marketing LinkedIn Accounts

Hear me out – there are reasons to get excited about going on LinkedIn. Work reasons sure, but exciting reasons nonetheless if you want to get better at your job. And if your job is in digital marketing, then boy-oh-boy are you in the right place.

Whether you are a Twitter exile or just a LinkedIn mega-fan (if there is such a thing), we’re here to help you get more out of the business social network.

Here is a list of the top 30 digital marketing LinkedIn accounts to get you started. These people and companies all post innovative takes, inspire interesting conversations, and will just generally level up your digital marketing game.

I would recommend following them all immediately.

Honestly, what have you got to lose? Worst case scenario you continue to not go on LinkedIn. Best case scenario – when you do occasionally go on there your feed is actually full of stuff you want on there.


The Top 30 Digital Marketing LinkedIn Accounts


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For each account listed below (in alphabetical order), I have added why I personally follow them. This is, of course, a bit reductive so apologies to everyone for reducing them to a single topic when it’s patently obvious you’re all so good at many things.


Social Media: Alecia Hancock

The Linked In Profile for Alecia HancockFind Alecia Hancock on LinkedIn


Alecia Hancock talks about social media for charities and not-for-profits in a way that it helpful for everyone. She has one of the few LinkedIn newsletters that I look forward to and talk about IRL!


SEO: Aleyda Solís

The LinkedIn Profile for Aleyda SolísFind Aleyda Solís on LinkedIn


Aleyda Solís is one of the most helpful SEOs out there. She will tell you useful stuff and point you to top-tier resources on every SEO-related topic.


Paid Search: Amalia Fowler

The LinkedIn Profile for Amalia FowlerFind Amalia Fowler on LinkedIn


Amalia Fowler is incredible at Paid Search and a cornerstone of the Paid Search community. If you see her comment on something, she’s probably saying something useful and interesting.


Marketing: Andrea Bosoni

The LinkedIn Profile for Andrea BosoniFind Andrea Bosoni on LinkedIn


Andrea Bosoni often posts things that I copy and send to myself so I can think about them more later. He says a lot of innovative insightful things that are also practical.


Analytics: Avinash Kaushik

The LinkedIn Profile for Avinash KaushikFind Avinash Kaushik on LinkedIn


It is honestly a real-life challenge for me to not talk about Avinash Kaushik’s ideas too much in real life. He’s an incredible Digital Analyst, and he will make you think differently about what you are measuring, what you should be measuring, and why.


Paid Social: Barry Hott

The LinkedIn Profile for Barry HottFind Barry Hott on LinkedIn


Barry Hott has been working on Social Ads forever and yet instead of growing jaded he gets ever more helpful and interesting. He is always willing to discuss high-level ideas and is incredibly generous with his knowledge.


SEO Content: Chima Mmeje


The LinkedIn Profile for Chima MmejeFind Chima Mmeje on LinkedIn


Chima Mmeje is perhaps too good at SEO Content. Like you’ll read her posts and think “Am I an idiot?” because compared to her you probably are. An incredible SEO sharing incredible tips.


Digital Marketing: Econsultancy

The LinkedIn Profile for EconsultancyFind Econsultancy on LinkedIn


Econsultancy tells you the stats that will change your perception of Digital Marketing. They do practical research and on LinkedIn they will give you enough to make you informed on what is happening now.


Online Ads: Ezoic

The LinkedIn Profile for EzoicFind Ezoic on LinkedIn


I don’t actually use Ezoics services, but I do absolutely love their insights on online advertising. They are thought leaders through and through.


Online Marketing: Gael Breton

The LinkedIn Profile for Gael BretonFind Gael Breton on LinkedIn


Gael Breton has a way of finding the most fascinating bits of online marketing to look into and research. He is amazing at asking the right questions about things you didn’t even know you wanted to know about.


Google Ads: Ginny Marvin

The LinkedIn Profile for Ginny MarvinFind Ginny Marvin on LinkedIn


As the Google Ads Liason, Ginny Marvin gives you the inside scoop. If there is an update to the platform to know about she’ll share it. She’s well respected in the industry, so who she interacts with is also a great way to find more top-tier Google Ads professionals.


Campaign Strategy: Janet Machuka

The LinkedIn Profile for Janet MachukaFind Janet Machuka on LinkedIn


Janet Machuka is so great at what she does that she founded an academy to teach others. And if you read anything she has written you’ll understand why. She is the real deal, and can teach you how to be too.


Ad Grants: Jason King


The LinkedIn Profile for Jason KingFind Jason King on LinkedIn


Both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads give grants to almost any charity to run PPC ads on their platform. Those grants come with rules though, and running charity accounts comes with its own unique challenges. Jason King stays on top of those rules and challenges and gives you solutions. He is truly on top of his game and helps charities to squeeze every drop of value out of these grants.


Social Media: Jenny Li Fowler


The LinkedIn Profile for Jenny Li FowlerFind Jenny Li Fowler on LinkedIn


I love Jenny Li Fowler’s social media insights. She doesn’t give tons of advice on LinkedIn, but when she does it’s always worth listening to.


Paid Media: Julie Friedman Bacchini


The LinkedIn Profile for Julie Friedman BacchiniFind Julie Friedman Bacchini on LinkedIn


The PPC online community is probably the most collaborative and friendly of all the digital marketing communities, and that is due in large page to Julie Friedman Bacchini. She is at the very centre of #PPCChat for a reason.

Listen to her.




Digital Branding: Juntae DeLane


The LinkedIn Profile for Juntae DeLaneFind Juntae DeLane on LinkedIn


Juntae DeLane is the magic combination of insightful and clear. He can explain something simple to you in a way that makes you understand it in a brand new way, or can take a complex topic and make it feel easy.


Demand Generation: Kevin Payne

The LinkedIn Profile for Kevin PayneFind Kevin Payne on LinkedIn


What I like about Kevin Payne is that he is clearly deeply interested in his subject. He writes interesting and useful things, but in the comments you will also see him fully engage and ask interesting questions. He’s already incredibly knowledgeable, and he’s even not done getting better.

Someone to learn from in multiple ways.


SEO: Lily Ray

The LinkedIn Profile for Lily RayFind Lily Ray on LinkedIn


One of the top SEOs working today, Lily Ray is simply brilliant at what she does. If you want deeply interesting insights on SEO, then follow her.


Content: Liz Willits

The LinkedIn Profile for Liz WillitsFind Liz Willits on LinkedIn


Liz Willits makes LinkedIn fun. There I said it. She is amusing while talking about marketing in an interesting and helpful way, and if you’re reading this list then you are in her exact target audience.


SEO: Marie Haynes

The LinkedIn Profile for Marie HaynesFind Marie Haynes on LinkedIn


Marie Haynes is probably my favourite SEO. I love how she writes, I love how she explains things. She goes deep into complex topics, so if you need something hard explaining I highly recommend following her.


LinkedIn: Matt Cordas

The LinkedIn Profile for Matt CordasFind Matt Cordas on LinkedIn


Matt Cordas is the Madalyn Sklar of LinkedIn. If you’re reading this list it probably means you want more from LinkedIn, and Matt Cordas will help you get there. He has a LinkedIn Newsletter on the subject which I recommend.


Paid Media: Menachem Ali


The LinkedIn Profile for Menachem AniFind Menachem Ali on LinkedIn


I find it annoying that you can’t ‘follow’ a Twitter thread – and mainly because of Menachem Ali. When he talks about Paid Media I often want to hear more from him on the subject, and if that’s not the best reason to follow someone I don’t know what is.


SEO: Michael King


The LinkedIn Profile for Michael KingFind Michael King on LinkedIn


If you thought “Lily Ray, SEO by day DJ by night” was cool, wait until you hear about “SEO Speaker and Rapper, Michael King”… who is also extremely cool. But more importantly for this list, is excellent at his job and talking about SEO on LinkedIn.

A great follow.


Digital PR: Michelle Garrett


The LinkedIn Profile for Michelle GarrettFind Michelle Garrett on LinkedIn


I’m sure there are other great Digital PR people out there, but there is no need to find out because Michelle Garrett is so good at her job. Maybe that’s just her Digital PR powers working on me, but if so then that’s even more reason to believe she is the best out there.


Audience Building: Rand Fishkin


The LinkedIn Profile for Rand FishkinFind Rand Fishkin on LinkedIn


Rand Fishkin used to be a top SEO, and has since started a new company focussing on finding and building audiences. I was always a fan of him in his Moz days, but as CEO of SparkToro he now writes on a much wider variety of digital marketing topics… and he just gets it. All of it.

He seems to understand every facet of digital marketing deeply, and whatever he writes about is worth reading.


PPC: Rok Hladnik

The LinkedIn Profile for Rok HladnikFind Rok Hladnik on LinkedIn


Rok Hladnik is probably my favourite media buyer (what a weird sentence). He is enthusiastic about his job, wants to talk about everything PPC, shares insights and is polite and helpful.

He is a really enjoyable PPC presence online.


Distribution: Ross Simmonds

The LinkedIn Profile for Ross SimmondsFind Ross Simmonds on LinkedIn


Ross Simmonds relentlessly reminds you of the most important thing in marketing – distribution! Do you spend ages making a great piece of content and then just leave it to sit there, hoping people will stumble on it? Not on Ross Simmonds watch you don’t!

A seriously helpful person.


Online Ads: Setupad

The LinkedIn Profile for SetupadFind Setupad on LinkedIn


I also don’t use Setupad’s services – but again I love their output. They are great at writing comprehensive guides to smaller topics within Online Advertising which are incredibly useful when you don’t exactly know what’s what.


Digital Media: The Kite Factory

The LinkedIn Profile for The Kite FactoryFind The Kite Factory on LinkedIn


I work with TKF a bit, but that’s not why I am recommending their LinkedIn page. Their posts are about digital marketing – but more importantly, they are written for digital marketers rather than just potential clients. It’s good stuff.


Digital Media: Uprise Up

The LinkedIn Profile for Uprise UpFind Uprise Up on LinkedIn


I used to work with Uprise Up a bit – and that is why I am recommending their LinkedIn Page. They work incredibly hard and try to do the right things with digital marketing, and that comes through in their posts. They write and share things they know to be useful – making their page an excellent filter for digital marketing news.



Congratulations you made it through the whole list! And hopefully, you followed them all so you never have to hear me (or anyone else) ever say “LinkedIn is exciting” ever again.

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