Is Your Business Digitally Ready? Top SEO Trends In 2022

First of all, we aren’t here to confuse you.

Asking someone if their business is digitally ready is like asking them who do you think is going to win out of SEO vs SEM?  Let us clarify and simplify.

To be “digitally ready” is to ensure your business is up-to-date with the top SEO trends in 2022 and doing everything it can to stay ahead of the competition. Today, we’re going to help you with exactly that.

Here are 4 top SEO trends in 2022 to get your business digitally ready.


Is Your Business Digitally Ready? Top SEO Trends In 2022


1. Create and optimise your video content

Video content is more important than ever. With 2.3 billion users worldwide, YouTube is ranked the second-most popular social platform. The only other platform with more active users is Facebook.

Despite being a social media platform, YouTube is considered a search engine by many as its search features are so advanced. Correspondingly, it has its own form of SEO, one which you should not ignore.

So if your business is going to succeed, then you are going to need to begin using video content (or use it better). Optimised videos help search engines understand what your page is about and improve your website rankings.

Video content is also far more engaging than other types of content. A study had shown that 83% of consumers would consider sharing video content with their friends if it is of interest to them.

When optimising video content, you need to consider a number of crucial components including:

  • Adding keywords on your video channel name, title, and description. This will help viewers understand more about your channel.
  • Adding keywords and hashtags to video descriptions can help attract the right viewers.
  • Adding subtitles can increase the reach of your videos.
  • Creating transcripts of videos as they can make great secondary content.


2. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Making your website mobile-friendly should be a top priority considering more than half of website searches come from mobile.

In 2017, Google began prioritising mobile-first in its search. This change meant that it would consider the mobile version of sites to be the ‘main’ version. This meant that having a great site experience on mobile was now a huge factor in how well your site ranked.

With the introduction of Google’s Page Experience Update, Google now assesses and scores your website’s overall user experience, with mobile-friendliness among the factors. Fortunately, Google has created a simple mobile-friendly testing tool that lets you see how your webpage is performing on mobile.

There’s also Google’s Mobile Usability Report. This helps you find out if there are any issues with your mobile website and how to fix them. Using both these tools is essential in finding issues that are negatively impacting your SEO.

Tips to make your website more mobile-friendly: use large font sizes, break up large paragraphs, use responsive website design



3. Improve the quality of your content

It comes as no surprise that the quality of your content is a top SEO trend continuing into 2022. Google is all about looking after their users and have repeatedly emphasised that good quality content is necessary for ranking success.

When tackling the quality of your content for SEO purposes, it’s important that you consider Google’s E-A-T. EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Expertise refers to how well you know the topic under discussion, authoritativeness refers to how authoritative the information is, and trustworthiness refers to how much other people trust you.

Together, these three principles are the foundation of every high-quality piece of content and contribute to a successful content marketing strategy. To help you improve the quality of your content:

  • Include facts and figures to back up your statements
  • Link to credible and trustworthy sources
  • Add a quote from an expert or study/research
  • Include an author’s bio


4. Get your posts on Google’s featured snippet

Arguably, the biggest SEO trend in 2022 is featured snippets. Featured snippets are pieces of text that are pinned to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

They usually provide short snippets of information that people find useful or interesting. For example, a search for “why is my jaw popping” might return a featured snippet containing an article about jaw popping and what to do.

Considering they take up about 50% of a mobile screen, it’s important to rank your blog content for featured snippets. The benefits of landing a spot in Google’s featured snippets include higher conversions, better brand awareness, and more website traffic.


Get your business digitally ready for 2022

Keeping up with SEO trends ready will require more than simply adding in keywords to your content. The key to gearing up your business to be digitally ready will be ensuring you satisfy Google’s demands and create quality content that your target audience finds valuable.

It’s making sure your website is fast and mobile-friendly, with engaging video content that represents what your company does and your values. It’s time to tackle the year 2022 head-on and get your business digitally ready with the top SEO trends.

About Zara Dumayas

Zara Dumayas is the partnership manager at Invicta Agency. She oversees multiple medium- to large-scale clients in Australia. At present, she specialises in search engine optimisation, social media ads, and website development. You can follow her on Twitter: @Zara_Invicta