SEO – All that you need to know in a nutshell

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what are the tools and technologies that a search engine optimization company in India (or anywhere else for that matter) uses to carry out this process? In a nutshell, it is the process by which the visibility of a web site is increased on search engine results pages. The higher a site appears on the search result list, the more volume of traffic it receives.

In today’s business environment a site that does not have a strong online presence will miss out on business opportunities. This has mainly been due to the exponential growth in smart phone usage. People prefer to search online from their Internet enabled devices for products and services before arriving at a purchase decision. Sites that do not rank high on results pages of major search engines will lose out on sales and conversions from this large segment of potential buyers.


SEO – All that you need to know in a nutshell


SEO or Internet marketing strategy takes into account many factors. This includes how search engines work, the actual search terms or keywords that are being typed in to look for a particular subject, what people are searching for and the search engines being used by the target audience. Another approach that can be opted for is to promote a site by increasing the number of backlinks or inbound links.

What strategies will a digital marketing company in India follow in SEO? The example of India is being repeated simply because this is a country where great progress is being made in digitising most services, whether in the private or public sector and is therefore affecting most businesses and industries.

Here are some of the SEO tools and technologies generally followed to structure a highly effective SEO campaign.


SEO Tree


  • Market Research – This is the foundation of any SEO approach as it highlights the behavioral patterns of searchers, both existing and potential customers. It involves research, data analytics and survey information using the latest online SEO tools. The data so collected is effectively used to put into place a successful SEO policy.
  • Scrutiny of the competition – It is very important to know the factors that have made the other industry competitors successful and based on this, methodologies need to be adapted to devise a useful SEO plan. This competition scrutiny is analyzed in detail including all on page and off-page factors. Even their social media interactions are gone through minutely. Based on this information, a suitable SEO campaign is structured.
  • Choosing the keywords – Selecting the most appropriate keywords for a business is vital as a lot depends on this to increase search engine rankings of the website. The best keyword selection tools and software are used so that the content can be developed around the chosen keywords and focus can be brought on the business.
  • Developing unique content – This is actually what a website is all about and is an accurate reflection of a business. Optimizing content strategies is the core strength of any site and all essential content should be in line with business goals. All information is to be channelized to the target audience, making them aware of specific business objectives. A good digital marketing agency will make sure that all relevant content is there on the website and there will be a continuous process of updating the same.
  • Link Building – A highly effective link building strategy optimizes search engine rankings. Clients have to be provided with quality and highly effective back-links and link building from other credible and authoritative sites. Whatever may be the content size of a website, excellent link building capabilities will ensure the best search engine rankings.
  • Increasing social media publicity – In the present digital world, nothing is more important than exposure on such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. These are very effective to reach out to target audience. Strategies are devised with an eye on the brand and the consumers that it is targeted at. The interaction on social media sites helps to get leads to increase market share. It strengthens the SEO setup by enabling digital agencies to know the market forces in play, thereby increasing rankings.

Digital marketing agencies have teams of technicians with great professional expertise and long years of experience. They do not only devise SEO strategies and implement them but also test the increase in the rate of conversions and how well the site is working based on an analysis of actual consumer activity. It helps estimate the return on investment on market spend, a factor that is crucial for profitability as well as to optimize SEO policies.