Promote Your Product In These 9 Easy Ways

Once you have created your product and launched it, you may be wondering why nobody’s buying from you. You know that your product is good enough and has a decent number of customers willing to buy, so how come?

Well, the answer to that is that no one knows about your product. People don’t even know your business exists. Think back to when you learned about the fantastic dishwasher you now have or that makeup you love so much. How did you come to know these brands and products? Advertising – both online and offline! That’s right!

Here are nine effective ways to promote your products online.


1. Create an Email List and Grow It

One of the basics of online marketing is email marketing. It is one of the most effective channels out there and even has a higher conversion rate than social media. How come?

With social media, you are always competing with other distractions, so not everyone will click on your message. People are more likely to be interested in your emails because you will probably only have email addresses for people who like your brand and products.

When you send your email list value, you are more likely to be successful and have more sales. So get started today and create your own email list.



2. Share Your Product Online

Today, almost every person on earth has social media accounts. As a brand, you should take advantage of this and create your social promotions. Be active and visual to build a following. You can share posts about your goods and services. Some great social media platforms you can use are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


3. Find Brand Ambassadors

Do some research and see which of your customers often gush or rave about your brand on social media. They might be naturals as brand ambassadors who you can tap to help you promote your products.

You can either pay them or exchange a product as payment for their help when it comes to sharing your product with their friends and followers. You can also choose to repost their #9excludeGlossary content on your social media accounts.


4. Offer Discounts

Use discounts very wisely. You don’t want to cut too much from your profits but you want to reach new customers and encourage them to buy from you again. When you are sending emails, you can choose to add a discount code for the next time they buy, or you can share it on social media and have a flash sale.

Always remember that #10excludeGlossary offers and free shipping promos still work brilliantly.


5. Ask People to Share Your Product

When we say people, we are not talking about just about any people. We are referring to bloggers, influencers and fellow entrepreneurs who you know would love your work. Once you learn how to get a blogger to promote your product they can become an invaluable source of sales.

It is generally best to find those who already are interested in your products, so when you ask them to share your product they are more likely to be willing.

You can make it easier for them by providing them with #12excludeGlossary Facebook posts, Tweets, and visual content, so all they have to do is share the love.


6. Write Blog Posts

Even while you are building your long term content strategy and calendar, you can create blog posts that announce your products and services. They can just be simple posts that contain why people should buy your product, the benefits of your product and the features that it has. You can also include a widget, a button or a link where users can buy your product quickly.

Aside from that, blogging also helps increase your SEO and provides exposure, as well as opportunities for your company. If you don’t plan on boosting your content or use ads, you can use your blogs to reach your target audience.


7. Create a Content Strategy

Whether your content strategy consists of posting #13excludeGlossary content, making visual content that is engaging and sharing it on social media, or sending emails to your list – a fantastic content strategy will make a big difference when it comes to your sales.

There are also many ways to promote your product with supporting videos and blog posts that are inspiring and educating to your target audience to take action.

Now, here’s the most critical part, you better include a #14excludeGlossary in your content and emails to push people to go to your product page and buy from you.

8. Write Press Releases

Not all people know about press releases when it comes to online marketing. Instead of targeting people worldwide, how about you try to go local? Target the people in your community. News agencies usually look for information that they can share with their audience. It can be any relevant news or info including your new goods and services that they find interesting.

So why not just create a press release then share it with the local media? Try tapping into the news stations or local newspapers. This way, you can get some local love and build a community right where you are.


9. Do a Facebook Live

Live videos are becoming more and more popular with the rise of social media, so try to give Facebook Live a go and see where it can take you. If you already have a Facebook page with lots of followers, take to Facebook live and tell everybody about your newest product. Try making it into a series. Show the benefits that people can have and also its features. Add in a few, behind the scenes around making the product, and you will see that more and more people will come to know about your product.

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