Improving Our Writing and Advertising Skills with a Smartphone

Anyone can use their smartphone to improve writing and advertising skills. Using a smartphone, you can download or access resources that enable you to sharpen your skills. These include apps and websites that are designed to help you learn writing and advertising skills.

Writing and advertising may seem like they are just about creating persuasive content. However, there is more that goes into great write-ups and adverts. So, how do you use your smartphone to improve your writing and advertising skills? Here are tips to guide you.



Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Writing and advertising are about being current with the latest information. Readers enjoy reading something they have not learned already. A smartphone enables you to access useful learning resources anytime. This access lets you find learning materials and connect with other professionals, deepening your understanding of the world around you. This connection also helps you find accurate information that will earn you credibility with readers.

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

At the heart of every writing piece and advertising campaign is the desire to communicate a message. As you use your smartphone through the day to communicate, notice the differences between your verbal and written communication. Be aware of techniques you may use to persuade or inform others in a natural way and then apply that to your writing or advertising skills.

You can also use your smartphone to communicate with potential readers on different social media platforms while on the go. Knowing that others are also doing this helps you understand what your prospects are interested in when they are using a smaller screen, and the route that might be best to communicate with them.

As an added benefit, smartphones have access to great apps especially for businesses to track and manage their social media presence.

Broaden Your Creativity

There are many apps that you can download and install on your smartphone which are meant to help you become more creative. This can include note-taking apps where you can jot down ideas whenever they strike you, task management apps that keep your ideas organized, and graphic design apps. All these things can be used to help create unique content for your latest writing piece or advertising campaign.

Essentially, the most effective writers and advertisers are doing what their competitors do not. By creating unique content and staying current on information from your industry, you can use your smartphone to set yourself apart from others in the field.

It also serves as a great platform for tweaking your ideas and concepts, for writing, campaigns, and products/services. In this day and age, why wait until you get home or to work to write down that great idea, or edit that plan or document?


Phone, Laptop or Pen and Paper - it makes no difference


Learn about Media Trends

Success in advertising is largely dependent on your ability to seize trends and exploit them. A smartphone enables you to monitor the latest trends via social media and other platforms. By understanding trends, you learn what your potential readers and customers are interested in. You can keep up with the latest industry trends and track which news stories and ad campaigns are most engaging.

The key to capitalizing on media trends is creating content before people lose interest. While something might be trending on Monday, by the end of the week, your readers/subscribers might have already moved onto something else. Some topics might only trend for a few days on social media, so if you are going to use current information to attract readers, create it before the public loses interest.

Read Samples

Your smartphone also gives access to things like blog and article samples, advertising templates, and sample essays online. This enables you to learn about different writing assignments. You can also use your device to study ad campaigns by other experienced advertisers.

Basically, you can learn and hone useful advertising skills by using your smartphone. Simply identify useful sites and apps where you can learn and/or exercise your skills and build it into your daily routine.