How to Write an Engaging Blog

Today, Blogging is more than just sharing your thoughts via writing. With Blogging, you can nurture connections, become an authority in your area of specialization, attract clients to your business, and even get revenue from advertisers. The importance of content in today’s digital era is limitless and blogs are the most effective content marketing strategy that’ll skyrocket your search traffic. Therefore, what we write today is important as it impacts our blogging brand in some way or the other.

Do you know why most blogs struggle to engage users? I would say, it has got more to do with lack of quality and engaging content than any other reason.

Blogging now is about writing quality and engaging content to attract readers.

Blogging is an art. When you write a blog, you write it with the purpose of engaging the user from start to end.


How to Write an Engaging Blog


How to write an engaging blog?

Readers come back to your blog only when you start writing engaging blog posts. Genuineness, Ingenuity, Creativity and Originality are three factors which help you better connect to your target audience. And they are just a starting point to help you write better.

Here is a list of useful tips to help you write that awesome engaging blog which forces your reader to share your content on social media:


1. Share real stories

 Sharing your personal stories or real stories by other people guarantees a favourable reaction from readers. In this case, readers are able to connect with your passions, successes, and challenges hence making your blog a source of inspiration.

In other words, sharing real stories creates a positive vibe, makes readers smile, provides valuable information, shares perspective, and inspires your audience. Apart from sharing your story, you can also share other people’s stories that you think might be of great interest to your readers.


2. Create Useful Content

Apart from the entertainment aspect, it is important to provide content that can enlighten and educate your readers. People will keep coming back to your blog if you establish yourself as a critical resource in providing readers with insights and information that can improve their lives. When readers need information, they should be able to turn to your blog for guidance. You can come up with general content or have a target audience but you must ensure that your audience benefits from your blog.

For instance, millennials will not bother reading material that does not benefit them in any way. This special demographic only reads content when they want to benefit from it. Therefore, producing content that enhances their lives is the best way to court millennials as your target audience. Moreover, the best to promote brand loyalty is by coming up with informative content.


3. Cover a wider range of Topics

Readers get easily bored when your posts cover the same topic all the time and this can make them lose interest in your blog. You may be an expert in a particular field but it is important to vary your topics and write about related services or products to provide your readers with some variety. Covering a wide range of topics provides you with an opportunity to connect with more people than focusing on one topic.

Your posts can only generate a lot of interest when they cover varying topics and having more readers is always the desire of every blogger. Examples of creative ways of varying your topics include:

  • Creating your spark from current events
  • Occasionally writing funny posts
  • Sharing your own experience-based wisdom
  • Posting about valuable lessons
  • Asking readers to share their experiences

You can write about a different story but finally, tweak it in a creative way to link it to your industry or brand.


4. Nail the Title and the Opening Paragraph

The first impression is very important when it comes to the blogging business and one can make a good impression on the reader by coming up with an enticing title and introduction. Your title and introduction should make a reader have the urge to read your posts. A compelling headline and introduction attract a reader’s attention and in the process generate the interest to read an entire post.

A good headline should have target keywords and at the same time be sweet and juicy. In addition, having a juicy and thought-provoking introduction connects the reader to the post making them want more. You would rather take a lot of time to come up with an eye-catching headline than rush and fail to get the attention of your readers.


5. Write Short Sentences and Paragraphs

You can get away with a print product but online content can be very tricky. You need to come up with an easily digestible post to attract the online audience. The best way to come up with easily digestible content is by considering shorter sentences, bullet points, subheadings, shorter posts, and shorter sentences.

Most readers are very impatient and that is why content that is hard to follow will definitely send away potential readers. For instance, the limited viewing space on mobile devices makes it necessary for bloggers to create content that has short sentences and paragraphs.


6. Focus on the Flow

Your post should have the much-needed flow in order to keep the readers engaged. In this case, you must ensure that every sentence in your post counts. The post should appear natural and engaging as you try to pass your message using crucial keyword phrases. After writing your post, it is advisable to read it aloud to ensure that it has the required flow.


7. Address a Specific Audience

It is important to identify your target audience before you can start writing a blog post. You must decide what you are selling and who you are selling to in order to develop relevant content. It is advisable to address the specific needs of your target audience to keep the readers interested in your work. However, you should avoid being too technical in your posts to make the post understandable to most people.


8. Avoid Bragging

Showing is better than telling. Some bloggers tend to brag about their knowledge on certain issues but this can send away a good number of readers. Therefore, one should only focus on producing quality content and readers will determine whether you are an expert in a particular area or not. It is advisable to build trust with your readers, who will, in turn, appreciate your expertise.


In conclusion

Blogging is not an easy endeavour and it takes a lot of creativity, patience, and strategy to build an audience. In order to make your blog attractive, you need catchy titles, informative content, digestible content, and at the same time cover a variety of topics.


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