8 Killer Tips: How To Boost Magento E-Store Sales Online

Nowadays, the e-commerce businesses are packed to the brim, with everyone trying to jump on the bandwagon to gain as much market share as possible.

To get the maximum out of your e-commerce store, you need to ensure the best strategies are applied to the platform it is deployed on. It therefore only seems sensible to update yourself on key marketing trends to out-perform your competitors.

When you design and develop your store with the assistance of Magento Customization Services, you get the whole pack of features to get started with online business; however, there is always some room for making it even better. Before we get into the areas of betterment, let us look at the factors that influence the behaviors of online shoppers:



1) Security– It is a major concern for most of the online shoppers, which includes all the transaction details like credit or debit card numbers, details of third-party payment platforms, etc. A store without PCI compliant and various other security protocols will surely create suspicion for their customers.


2) The checkout process– The simplicity or complexity of the checkout process defines whether sales will be made or not. Most of the carts are abandoned at this stage, which is why e-commerce store owners need to consider this as an important aspect of online sales.


3) Return Policy– Many customers check the return policy of a store before buying a product. If the return policies are compatible and are easier to understand, the customers are most likely to make a purchase.


4) Delivery Time– Delivery time should be specified on your online store so they are aware of the time taken to receive a product ordered from your store. Charges levied or exempted make a great impact on the shoppers.


5) Privacy risk– The information customers share on your e-store is vital, and they are concerned if it is secure or not on your platform. FAQ section should include information pertinent to the safety of your e-commerce store.

If you can understand these factors that impact the decision behavior of your customers, you will be able to devise a better solution to increase the overall performance of your digital Magento e-commerce store. Here are the parameters you should consider to increase the sales of your digital shop:


1) Always Update Your E-store

Updating your e-stores regularly helps you in not only altering the store as per the trend but also removing any bugs found or reported in previous versions of Magento, its themes or plugins. Besides, the store performance gets better.


2) Remove 3rd Party Extensions

Not all extensions have a negative impression, but most of the 3rd party installation, at times, affect website loading speed. Integrating these may cost less but surely the website gets prone to much vulnerability, which is why it is better to avoid installing them.


3) Host’s Review

Magento e-commerce store’s performance depends majorly on the host it is deployed on as data transactions occur on host’s servers. If you host provider isn’t keeping your website all time up and running, it is time to get a better option.


4) Remove or Deactivate Unused Extensions or Plugins

While adding new plugins and features, many website owners forget to remove or deactivate the default ones. Therefore, security and speed of a digital store get compromised. The point here is to remove or disable these plugins or features to ensure the performance of security of your website.


5) Implement CDN

Content Delivery Network allows you to send content preferred or requested by a browser through edge nodes instead of from the main server. Consequently, the load on the main server is reduced, and your customers get an ideal omnichannel experience of your store. By implementing CDN, you can make sure that the information if quickly delivered to your shoppers.


6) On-Store Experience

  1. Offer multiple payment options to your shoppers so they can make a transaction as per their comfort.
  2. Offer a simple checkout process. Use plugins that offer one-stop checkout option to your customer.
  3. Offer regular discounts and offers on the website as well as send them via emails in the campaigns.


7) Responsive Website

The shopping experience has grown leaps and bounds since 2002 and nowadays customers prefer shopping on mobile instead of desktops. Hire a Magento developer to create a responsive website that works on different screens and platforms.


8) Incorporate Social Media

Add social sharing buttons on your products allows your customers to share them on their social media platforms for more exposure. So, incorporate social media into the marketing strategy of your e-store business, which turns your customers to become a sales-person for your products.



By default, Magento is built to address major concerns of e-commerce store such as speed, security, and stability.  Implement all the above techniques to get your digital shop get pass through that brim, and increase sales via higher conversions. Make your e-store more interactive, inclusive and accessible.

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