How Long Should Your Next Video Be? (Infographic)

Are you planning to use video as part of your next online advertising campaign?

If so, be sure to check out this highly informative infographic from the guys at One Productions which offers some great advice on how long your next video should be.


Holding Your Audience’s Attention

Study after study has shown the direct correlation between video length and user engagement. The length of your video depends on a range of factors. For example, what platform do you intend to publish your video on? If you are planning to share the video across a range of social media sites, it may be worthwhile cutting several versions of the same video in order to maximise viewer engagement.

In the age of TL;DR (too long; didn’t read), the attention span of the average online viewer seems to only be getting shorter. In fact, the average video retains only 37 percent of people right to the end. For video producers, it is therefore crucial to get the length right to maintain the audience’s attention. 30 seconds too long and you may find yourself fighting a losing battle, with viewers abandoning the video halfway through or deciding it’s not even worth their time in the first place.


Analytics: The Savvy Marketer’s Best Friend

The below infographic also helpfully provides a handy explainer of video analytics so that you can monitor the performance of your video. By using analytics, the savvy video marketer can identify where exactly their viewers are dropping off and then use this information to tweak their video. This nifty infographic breaks down the use of analytics into three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – so that digital marketers of all levels can make use of them.

For more information about how to optimise the length of your video for maximum engagement read the infographic below.

How Long Should Your Next Video Be? (Infographic)

About Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is the Managing Director of One Productions a video production agency, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Tom is a Film and Video Director as well as an Art Director. He has 22 years’ experience working in the media and communications sector.