How do you increase revenue through digital content marketing?

If you are a digital marketing professional or a business owner looking for vital tips to increase revenue through digital content marketing, this blog is tailor-made for you.

The internet explosion has made content marketing one of the best ROI-reapers for businesses. To maximise the output, businesses are currently deploying different content marketing strategies. This helps them not only in building brand awareness but also in boosting the sales and revenue.

The process of generating revenue through content marketing depends significantly on the strategies implemented. In this article, I will give you some valuable insights into digital content marketing and how you need to plan a lucrative marketing strategy that will use content as a tool.


How do you increase revenue through digital content marketing?


What is content marketing?

If someone says content marketing is just a process of creating, publishing, and distributing content, you need to give them some valuable update. This general definition of content marketing is obsolete in the changed circumstances and serves no purpose. Content marketing serves its purpose only when you understand the target audience and their nuances. The characteristics of the target audience change with respect to different industry. So, the content marketing strategy of a healthcare company might not work for a cosmetic brand.

Content marketing is a strategic approach of reaching out to the target audience through specific mediums that generate high engagement; thus, enabling the executors to achieve the goals set for their niche industry.


How to know your audience?

A successful content marketing strategy is the result of research and understanding of the target audience. This includes spending time knowing their requirements and how they use online platforms. In simple words, all your investment and effort will be futile if it isn’t reaching the ones that it is supposed to. Thorough research is imperative when it comes to defining your target group. Try to understand what attracts them, which of your products and services will be useful to them, and their demographics.

For running a successful content marketing campaign, it is essential to do keyword research, demography-based research and competitor research. The competitiveness of the industry has given shape to a host of tools through which you can understand your target audience.

Here is the list of some of the most widely used tools for analysing target audience.

  • Google Trends
  • Bing xRank
  • Quantcast
  • Compete
  • Alexa


How to create the compelling content with transactional value?

If you’ve done everything right and your content reaches your target audience but fails to impress them, all your efforts will die in vain. To generate revenue through content marketing you need to create high-quality content that can persuade your target audience to take action, which could be purchase, signup or any goal that you set.

Below are few tips that you can come handy while strategizing your content marketing efforts

  • Use success stories to anchor your content marketing strategy. This will help in connecting with your audience on a personal level. You can gain their trust and establish your credibility by letting them know about yourself.
  • Your content should be well-written and easy to understand. Using fancy words and jargons are only going to confuse your audience, and they may lose interest in reading further as well. The information shouldn’t be scattered all over the place, and it should be structured sensibly.
  • One of the most significant benefits of using digital media is that you can use visuals and infographics to attract your audience. These colourful elements make your content much more readable and lighter in the eyes of the audience. It will help them understand your message easier, and they won’t feel like they’ve been bombarded with words all of a sudden.
  • Along with images and infographics, you can also add relevant videos to your content. This will help in keeping the reader engaged.
  • Create white paper if required for official content.
  • Target group leaders are personas who can make a more profound impact on your audience when compared to the impact that you make on them directly. You can influence these personas to reach your audience in the best way.
  • Publishing insightful blog posts must be made a habit rather than a one-time effort. The more you engage with the target audience, the higher will be the brand awareness.


What are the best content marketing platforms?

Blog posts: Blog posts on your websites and guest blog posts on other sites that are ranked well are the best ways to promote your content. Regular blog posts will help you retain your image in the minds of your audience.

Website page: If anyone wants to know about your business or company, the first thing that they would do is to search for you on the internet. Make sure you have enough information in the “About Us” section that narrates your success stories, achievements, and company values.

Webinars: These will help your audience to watch videos or listen to audios so that they can understand your message without having to read through pages of content.

Influencer Marketing: If you find little success reaching out to your target audience using external resources such as blogs, eBooks, White Papers, or Webinars, Influencer Marketing should come as a handy tool. Influencer Marketing gives a more interpersonal touch as it is usually done by somebody whom your target audience trust.

There are many other platforms on which you can promote your content like videography and downloadable rubric.


What to do after publishing content?

You cannot get your target group to read your content or even visit the pages by just publishing it. You need to regularly update the information with relevant changes and promote them on various platforms including social media and other content advertising tools.

A detailed analysis of performance and traffic to your site has to be monitored from time to time to identify new techniques and for rectifying flaws in your strategy and content.

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