How Can Email Help You In Marketing Your Event?

Being an event organizer, you sure have a lot on your to-do list. Contacting performers/speakers, arranging the venue, organizing beverages, food, goodie bags, transportation, and electronics, the list seems to have no end.

Then there’s the marketing work. Fortunately, there is one tool that can handle a big chunk of your marketing efforts.

Meet the old boy of marketing— email.


How Can Email Help You In Marketing Your Event?


And while most think that email is an outdated marketing tool of a bygone era, it can still work wonders for your events. How?

With event email marketing, you get to:

  • Provide opportunities to cut through the clutter
  • Boost sales of early bird tickets
  • Create buzz even before the event details are settled
  • Promote your event with giveaway promotions
  • Gain excitement by talking about what readers can expect at your corporate event
  • Lead generation improves
  • Targets your audience and engages new customers

In addition to its general benefits, other reasons why you need to employ email to market your events include:


1. It Is Still Relevant

In an era of the increasing popularity of social media for advertising and promotion, email marketing is still here to stay. According to a study, 94 per cent of Internet users still use email with only 61 per cent using social media. In addition, 75 per cent of adult online users still prefer email as a part of their marketing methods.

And while 40 per cent of businesses have prioritized social media to promote their events, email marketing still stands at 76 per cent in terms of the most preferred and commonly used event promotional strategies.

Another report revealed that seven out of 10 users in the US also prefer brands to contact them through email. Furthermore, email activity is predicted to grow at least 347.3 billion daily emails by the year 2023.

Thus, one can’t simply deny that emails still continue to be the most effective and best way for a business to connect with its clients and potential leads. Be it a promotional event email or a non-promotional one, an email will help you stay at the top of your client’s mind and gets your message through.


2. You Save Time

It is nearly impossible to promote and invite a huge number of people in just a short amount of time.

Events can be anything from a full 3-day trade show to a one-time online webinar. And regardless of what you are about to organize, several emails need to be sent out:

  • Event announcement emails to raise interest and create awareness.
  • “Tickets on sale now” emails for boosting sales.
  • Transactional emails to deliver tickets.
  • Countdown emails to create a sense of urgency.
  • Reminder emails before or on the day of the event.
  • Recap emails highlighting the best parts of the event and promoting any next events

Sound like a lot of work?

The need to send a lot of emails can be quite overwhelming and turn you off. Fortunately, email automation is here!

Now, you can just set up the above-mentioned emails once. An automatically triggered workflow can make sure that everyone gets to read your emails. And if you set a new workflow connecting it to the signup form, each of your new subscribers can receive your emails that belong to that workflow automatically.

Thanks to its top-notch scaling possibilities, you do not have to worry about losing contact with your audience as your email list grows. Automated emails can make sure that everyone will get personal attention.


3. Cost-Effectiveness

Nowadays, you can reach thousands of people and consumers at little to no cost at all. Compared to the more traditional ad methods such as broadcast media, direct mail campaigns and more, one of the biggest benefits of email marketing is cost-effectiveness.

In terms of email marketing’s ROI, the average ratio is 42:1, which is already impressive on its own. Not only that, several factors can even make it better. For instance, you can employ an A/B test on your emails to achieve an ROI of 48:1. In contrast, social media is not that easy to measure with 44 per cent of businesses having no idea what their social media ROI is.


Final Thoughts

Few channels generate interest and engagement and ultimately deliver results like email marketing.

Since the ultimate goal of an event is to pique interest and get as many people as possible to show up and attend your event, it is crucial that your message is precise and crisp, ensuring that it going to the right people and hitting the right notes at the perfect time. And no other marketing channel manages all of these and delivers significant results as email marketing does.

So, whether it is a webinar, a product launch or a conference, you need to get your engaging email ideas on and start spreading the word!


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