Guide to the Untold Secrets of Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital age, if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy for your business, there is a lot you’re missing out on. With over 57% of the world’s population logging on to the internet, there is cut-throat competition on who grabs their attention first.

So, with all that you’re doing to keep up with the ever-changing and every evolving-digital sphere with your marketing strategy, there are a few secrets that will give you an edge over your competition. Take a look!


Guide to the Untold Secrets of Digital Marketing Strategy


Build an Objective

In the world of digital marketing, you cannot shoot in the dark hoping that your arrow will land on a potential customer and further generate a lead. Create a vision for your business and plan your marketing strategy well in advance.

Your goals should be both measurable and attainable. There is a multitude of software available which measures your growth and offers, data, and graphs in real-time. With consistent usage of such tools, you will always be in the know if your digital marketing strategy is working or whether it needs a little tweaking.

Top Tip: Always have clarity on your total budget and its allocation to different digital marketing services. Move it around to the best performing channels to maximise your results.



Build Your Target Audience

Before building a plan, you need to decide which segment of the population your strategy will be targeting. Dig deep into demographics such as age, region, interest, earning capacity, search trends, and more.

Your marketing strategy should only be focused on your target audience. If you don’t have a target audience, you will simply be spending money without hope of a considerable return on investment. For example, an ad for a women’s clothing company will rarely be useful to a man who is in his fifties. Don’t waste your budget by targeting the wrong people!

Top Tip: Running a survey on your website of your current customers is an excellent way of working out who your target audience should be.



Digital Marketing Quick Hacks

Offer Something Free

While there is a famous quote that says “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”, in the digital marketing world, it works a little differently. People love freebies, and they will engage with your brand if you keep offering them free stuff.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. You can offer #26excludeGlossary guides, tutorials, or any information that will be useful to your target audience. If you want to get a step ahead, you can offer discounts on their first purchase, a bonus discount on their #27excludeGlossary to your newsletter, or a social media giveaway. It is a great way to build your brand and engage with an audience.


Follow the #28excludeGlossary rule

The time that you spend marketing your brand on social media should be based on the #29excludeGlossary rule. You should spend 80% of your time interacting with other brands, your customers, and building your community and 20% of your time should be spent in #30excludeGlossary.

While marketing your content is important, engaging with your potential customers should always take precedence. Brand loyalty is worth so much more than an individual sale.

Talking to other brands can have great value too for building awareness of your brand. We’ve all heard of or seen Twitter battles between two competing brands – these aren’t just fun events, but innovative marketing examples. This type of witty, snarky content and engagement that users enjoy can work great as a marketing device too (if done right)!


Use Paid Social Media Advertising Extensively

While paid ads on social media might not work for you the first couple of times (because of the steep learning curve), our advice is to not give up on them. Facebook and Instagram advertising are much cheaper than conventional marketing channels and they get you the most visibility.

Because of the extensive content added to these platforms by users each day, it is extremely tricky to get your content to organically reach your followers, let alone your target audience. With social media ads, you can use filters to target the right audience and ensure your content will reach your potential leads.

Social Media ads can be a great way to generate leads without much of a hassle (as well as achieve other business objectives).



Don’t Forget to Educate Yourself

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the world of digital marketing is extremely dynamic. Google is known for tinkering with its algorithm, features, and layouts, while the algorithms for various social media platforms change every season. So, the strategy that was working for your brand last quarter might not generate the same results today.

Keep yourself updated with the changes in the digital marketing world. Educate yourself through extensive reading or take up online courses in digital marketing at intervals. In the world of digital marketing, you need to be quick on your feet so that you can adapt these changes to your marketing strategy for an upper hand over your competitors.



A digital marketing strategy should be custom made for your brand. What may work for another brand, may not work for you! Incorporate these tricks into your next marketing strategy, tweak them according to your brand, and let us know how they helped in boosting your visibility!