Why You Should Incorporate Emotional Intelligence Into Your Digital Marketing

Emotional intelligence (EI) plays an integral part in our ability to understand and connect with others. To understand what someone wants or needs, you have to think from their perspective and empathize with them. If you are struggling to connect with your target customers and experience growth, you may need to improve the emotional intelligence within your marketing strategies.

In the world of marketing, “emotional intelligence refers to a brand’s ability to understand their target demographics mood, behaviour, pain points, purchasing triggers, etc.” Without a firm understanding of your customers, your advertising may come across as generic and unrelatable.

Today, consumers are wiser and more conscious about their decisions. If something doesn’t feel authentic and genuine, they are quick to snub a brand and find what they are looking for elsewhere. As such, brands must harness the power of EI when developing a marketing strategy to build meaningful customer relationships.


Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels


How Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Emotional intelligence can help your brand gain an understanding target audience on a much deeper level, allowing you to improve your content to create meaningful advertising. To develop more of an awareness centred around your customers, you have to ask questions, such as: “What triggers a person to start searching for a service or product?”, “what emotional factors influence their needs?” and “How will your product solve their problem?”

Once you answer these questions and think from your customer’s perspective, you can develop a marketing strategy that connects with that buyer persona. Understanding your customers’ emotional triggers is key to running a successful marketing campaign. Improving your EI and understanding the emotions that drive your target audience will help you:

  • Boost brand awareness: The more attention you grab with your content, the more traffic you will drive to your website. Consumers are inundated with digital advertising daily. If something doesn’t stand out to them, they will simply scroll right past without giving it a second thought. However, if your content speaks to them on an emotional level, they are more likely to stop and click on your ad.
  • Increase conversions: Not only will emotionally intelligent marketing drive customers to your website, but it will encourage them to follow through and make purchases as well. Marketing that resonates with your target audience psychologically builds trust and ensures that loyal customers return again and again.
  • Strengthen your content: Over time, the more you continue to connect with and understand your customers, the more relatable and efficient your content will become. You will be able to automate and optimize your marketing because you won’t need to spend as much time strategizing and spreading brand awareness.


Emotional Intelligence and Ethical Marketing

Building a more emotionally intelligent brand can also help your company avoid costly advertising mistakes. Companies that strive for authentic and meaningful connections with their customers tend to be more ethical. In comparison, those that think only of themselves and their profits are more likely to make false claims to get what they want.

Unfortunately, lying about your products or services — even with the purest of intentions — can lead to a lawsuit. It’s not uncommon for brands to make a product seem better than it is with advertising. This happens quite often, but if they get caught, and someone decides to call them out, it can cost them a lot of money and tarnish their brand reputation.

However, running a more ethical company that empathizes with its customers using EI marketing reduces your chances of making costly mistakes. When you strive for honesty and transparency from the start to deliver more meaningful content to your customers, you will naturally avoid making errors that can be used against you.


How to Build an Emotionally Intelligent Brand

Saying you need to incorporate EI into your digital marketing is one thing; understanding how to do so is another. Improving your brand’s emotional intelligence will not happen overnight. This is potentially why some companies don’t put much effort into connecting with their customers. Some aren’t willing to put the time and effort into their marketing.

However, if you take the time to retrain your way of thinking concerning your customers’ emotions and needs, it will be well worth the effort. If you want to build meaningful relationships with your customers to achieve success, you must work towards building a more emotionally intelligent brand overall; especially within your marketing team. You can do this by:

  1. Creating self-awareness: Understanding and connecting with others first requires connection within ourselves. Having more awareness about our wants, needs, and emotions increases our ability to acknowledge and connect with others.
  2. Learning to empathize: Take the time to understand what it means to truly empathize with your customers. This can involve researching them for better understanding and having your teams attend emotional intelligence training sessions about EI and empathy.
  3. Striving for happiness: Using money or success as a driving factor can lead to unethical practices and can cause your brand to lose sight of what matters. However, striving for happiness is a better way to focus your efforts and keep your motivation and spirits high. Brands that prioritize the customer and staff experience tend to naturally have more empathetic and understanding practices and marketing.
  4. Practising gratitude: Practicing gratitude and appreciation for what we have naturally enables us to be more open and giving to others. Having your staff and teams focus on what they are thankful for can help them better connect with your target demographic.
  5. Keeping it fun: Brands that are more relaxed and encourage creativity and fun and playfulness within their company culture are more likely to have more productive teams. The happier your employees are, the harder they will work to make your customers happy.


Final Thoughts

If you want to achieve viral marketing success and truly wow and appeal to your customers, you must start building more emotionally intelligent teams within your company.

Marketing that is relatable, helpful, and genuine appeals most to today’s consumers. If you want to give them what they want, you have to get inside their heads and empathize with them on an emotional level.


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