12 Powerful Email Marketing Tips For Budding Fashion Brands

Fashion is an extremely exciting industry that’s constantly evolving. Are you planning to start a fashion brand? In the current business world, ingenious designs and high-quality materials are not enough to secure your place. The success of your business heavily depends on how consumers view your brand.

With the right marketing strategies, your fashion brand can inspire a cult-like following akin to Reformation or Staud. From social media to digital marketing, it’s crucial to leverage various marketing tools to build your brand’s online presence.

In particular, email marketing is effective in developing long-lasting relationships with customers. Considering over 4.1 billion people use emails, well-curated email campaigns can keep your target audience in the loop in a cost-effective manner.

In this post, we’re summarizing email marketing tips to attract and retain customers. Let’s dive in.


12 Powerful Email Marketing Tips For Budding Fashion Brands


1. Start Now

Don’t wait to hit a certain number of subscribers to start your email campaigns. Even if you have only 20 people on your email list, they are just as valuable as any other customer. This will also allow you to figure out email marketing and find which strategies work best for your brand.


2. Welcome New Customers

If a prospective visitor browsed your website or social media accounts and decided to join your email list, this is a golden opportunity you cannot miss. Since your brand is fresh in their mind, send a welcome email to stir up their interest and create a positive first impression.

Welcome emails have the highest opening rate. However, refrain from making it overly salesy. Instead, share what subscribers can expect from your brand and newsletters.


3. Remember to Personalize

Most people receive an abundance of emails every day. To catch the subscriber’s eye, make sure you are personalizing your emails. Something as simple as using a person’s name to address them can boost your opening rate. You can further customize emails based on your target audience’s location, purchasing history, gender, and so on.



4. Audience Segmentation is Key

Continuing the previous point, it’s imperative to make your email customer-focused. Irrelevant content will urge users to unsubscribe or mark your email as spam. Therefore, it’s best to divide your audience based on various metrics and accordingly send relevant emails. Audience segmentation can improve the opening rate as well as increase conversions.


5. Share Valuable Content

Sending emails just for the sake of sending emails is not helpful to anyone. Instead, do your research and put in the work to create valuable content for your subscribers. Fashion is an incredibly complex and interesting industry. You can create style guides and give subscribers a look into your creative process.


6. Focus on Subject Lines

The subject line often influences whether a receiver will open your email or send it straight to spam. So pay attention to your subject lines. Make them intriguing and relevant. However, refrain from using blatant clickbaits that can frustrate or disappoint readers.


7. Be Consistent

Do you regularly send emails for a week and then go radio silent for months? Your email marketing won’t amount to much without consistency. You have to keep up the momentum to stay relevant. But that doesn’t mean you are sending an email several times a day even though there is nothing newsworthy to share. Instead, find a schedule that works for your brand.


8. Constantly Build Your Email List

You cannot give up growing your email list once you’ve hit a certain number of subscribers. For successful email campaigns that boost conversions, you have to build your email list constantly. Utilize your website and social media accounts to encourage new customers to join your email list. Learn how to automate messages on LinkedIn to nurture customer relationships and grow your email list.


9. Share Offers & Discounts

Everybody loves a discount, particularly when it comes to shopping for apparel and accessories. So, create persuasive promotional emails that convince readers to make a purchase.


10. Create High-Quality Visuals

Fashion is visual. That’s why it’s important to incorporate high-quality illustrations, graphics, and other visual content in your emails.


11. Highlight Your Brand Ethos

More and more customers are becoming more environmentally conscious. If your brand goes above and beyond to help the environment by ethically sourcing materials or labour, highlight this in your emails.


12. Address Cart Abandonment

Are customers exiting on your website right before checking out? Use well-written emails to remind users to complete their purchases. Well-timed cart abandonment emails can boost your conversion rate.


Wrapping Up

With the growing popularity of Instagram and TikTok fashion brands, starting a business is not as difficult as it used to be. However, creating a brand that can survive this fiercely competitive industry is the challenge. Email marketing is a reliable tool to connect with customers on a deeper level. Implement the tips mentioned above to design impactful email marketing strategies for your budding brand.