Display Ad Sizes & Where To Place Them [Infographic]

There are so many display ad sizes out there, that it can be an overwhelming task to know just what to do with them. To make your life simpler, we have categorised the most common ad sizes and put with them simple instructions on where they should go in the useful infographic below.

For example, horizontal ad sizes (which are wider than they are tall) should generally go at the top or bottom of webpage. Vertical ad units on the other hand (yes – ones which are taller than they are wide) should only go on the sides of webpages. If you put them within content, you would pretty much ruin how your site looks.

This infographic is intended to help you choose which ads to run on your site, work out where to put them, and (perhaps most importantly) know how to talk to others about them when you’re trying to sell ad space.

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