The Best Tools to Increase Sales for Your eCommerce Store

Whether you are thinking about launching a new eCommerce store or aiming to expand an already established one, it is important to know about the right eCommerce tools. Blended with a successful marketing strategy, the correct tools will help you compete and expand your business more quickly.

The issue is that there are just so many tools available.

It is not always easy to know where to begin or what to prioritize. So, from website design to inventory management, from shipping requirements to payment gateways – we’ll discover which eCommerce tools should be in your regular action kit.

The tools that we are going to discuss will help you to:

  • Save time by automating operations.
  • Accelerate the design and launch of new products and catalogues
  • Easily combine all of the independent eCommerce processes
  • Empower a global and versatile communication
  • Make it easier to launch your multichannel campaign

Let’s begin the discovery!



1. BigCommerce – Best eCommerce tool to build your website




While talking about the best eCommerce tools, the first on the list definitely has to be BigCommerce. It is a powerful tool with limitless possibilities for building, innovating, and growing your online shop.

BigCommerce is mostly targeted at those with little to no web design experience, however, it still helps more tech-savvy buyers and developers to customize the HTML and CSS of their online stores.

Major features:

  • Create a website easily with drag-and-drop elements
  • In-built SEO features to assist companies in increasing their organic visibility
  • Integration with a plethora of third-party payment services
  • In-depth powerful analytics providing valuable customer insights
  • Vouchers, digital wallets, and other storefront conversion functionalities
  • Needs less in-house operating and site maintenance staff

Price: Starts from $29.95/month


2. Jungle Scout – Best eCommerce tool for Amazon sellers


The header of the Jungle Scout website


Jungle Scout is one of the finest eCommerce tools for Amazon sellers. It allows you to identify winning products, predict the number of sales, find keywords, and spy on rivals all from a user-friendly dashboard. It will help you develop and expand your Amazon company right from product analysis to product launch.

Major features:

  • Identify lucrative parameter-based niche concepts, products, and keywords
  • Get real-time snapshots of product sales history through the Product tracker
  • Tool for the analysis of everyday transactions, revenues, and other primary metrics of business
  • Set a budget for your PPC campaigns and save money
  • Increase brand revenue by targeted email promotions
  • Over 70 million products from the Amazon catalogue are included in the Product database

Price: Starts from $49/month


3. Hello Bar – Best eCommerce tool to collect consumer data


The header of the Hello Bar website


Hello Bar is a fantastic tool that will assist you in drawing more attention to the most important information on your website. When most people think about tools that can grab people’s email addresses or other data, they envision a pop-up window.

However, by eliminating the pop-up strategy and instead introducing a minimal, but always-present bar, you can ensure that your user has a seamless experience on your site, resulting in an improvement in your on-site conversion rate.

Major features:

  • Promote your content through the top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Extract subscribers data and run marketing campaigns
  • Conduct A/B testing to confirm that only the best messages are displayed to your users
  • Choose which message bars will be displayed to specific visitors

Price: Free plan available; paid plans start from $29/month


4. ShippingChimp – Best eCommerce tool to manage shipping queries


The header of the ShippingChimp website


ShippingChimp enables businesses to create a unified brand experience right from purchase to order delivery. ShippingChimp’s adaptive AI enables you to assist in delivery issues even before they occur. The unified server of ShippingChimp serves as a hub for 200 shipping data points, including main order fulfilment and delivery exception statistics.

Anticipate delivery issues, inform customers of their order status, gather consumer complaints such as misplaced or defective products, host a self-service return page, and collect product feedback at the appropriate time.

Major features:

  • Alleviate consumer anxiety through regular product delivery alerts
  • Provide tracking of shipments in real-time
  • Send custom delivery reminders
  • Use predictive analytics to notify customers about shipment delays or lost packages
  • Provide product recommendations on the basis of consumers’ buying history

Price: Starts from $19/month


5. Veeqo – Best eCommerce tool to monitor warehouse operations


The header of the Veeqo website


Veeqo is an all-in-one eCommerce tool for omnichannel distributors for order management, product synchronization, consumer shipping, and return management. It integrates directly with a myriad of eCommerce platforms, storefronts, delivery carriers, point of sale (POS) services, accounting tools, and other applications.

It meets all of the essential order management requirements while also integrating useful automation and add-ons that improve consumer experiences while ensuring reliable and timely delivery.

Major Features:

  • Maintain 100% product accuracy across all of the platforms, marketplaces, and retail outlets in real-time
  • Pick, load, ship, and monitor all warehouse operations
  • Send orders from every distribution channel in bulk, automate routine activities, and monitor each delivery from a single dashboard

Price: Starts from $156/month


6. Groove – Best eCommerce tool to provide customer service


The header of the Groove website


Groove is a customer service platform with an interface that looks and feels a lot like email, making it easy to use from the very beginning. Customer request tickets can be created, tracked, and integrated into other applications, such as Olark and Slack.

By investing in Groove, you can make sure that your customers receive the best buying experience. Your customers would never need to go through a login portal to get assistance or access a ticket through their email.

Major features:

  • Keep track of all your customer conversations from a single place, including email, social media, chat, or the phone
  • Collaborate with your team members and access a shared inbox
  • Get suggestions for the best articles to create to give customers the help they need
  • See detailed analytics like conflicts resolved per day, the total number of customers helped, and more.

Price: Starts from $12/month


7. WooCommerce – FREE eCommerce tool to build your online store


The header of the WooCommerce website


WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce tools for WordPress users that is available for free. It is an open-source software that is specifically built for people who want to add eCommerce features to their WordPress websites.

If you want to improve the store experience, you would need to purchase some premium features, but the free edition still works very well.

Major features:

  • WooCommerce lets you sell everything from physical goods and digital copies to subscriptions, merchandise, content, and even allow users to book appointments
  • Choose from hundreds of website themes available for free
  • Shortcodes can be used to connect your products to blog posts or to build landing pages that lead directly to the checkout
  • Display customer reviews on the product page, along with a ‘Verified Owner’ tag

Price: Free to install, plugins and extensions can be purchased as per requirements


8. Oberlo – Best eCommerce tool for drop-shipping


The header of the Oberlo website


If you’re thinking about beginning an eCommerce business using drop shipping, or if you already do, Oberlo will be a great tool for you. Oberlo allows you to import goods directly from AliExpress into your Shopify store and deliver them directly to your customers, wherever they are, in just a few clicks.

Major features:

  • Search through AliExpress’s massive stock database and connect products with a single click
  • It constantly updates the stock of the items you’ve listed on your site, so you don’t have to worry about selling anything that’s out of stock on AliExpress
  • Easily customize your products, including the titles and images
  • Update product prices in bulk, using pricing rules as per your desires
  • Rapid order processing and precise details for order tracking

Price: Free plan available; paid plans start from $7.90/month


9. Big Cartel – Best eCommerce tool for artists


The header of the Big Cartel website


Big Cartel is an eCommerce tool that makes it easy to create your own store and manage your business online. It is specifically designed for designers and artists who wish to sell their creatives in their eCommerce stores. It is this custom-design style that makes it one of the best eCommerce tools if you are in the creative field.

Major features:

  • A user-friendly tool, even for those who have no experience of coding
  • Customize colour, font, text, and media objects, using all visual tools, rather than coding and scripts
  • Easy to create product pages that allow you to upload photos, set pricing, and describe the nature of your goods
  • Intuitive and tidy dashboard for viewing new orders, total purchases, products sold out, and more

Price: Free plan available; paid plans start from $9.99/month


10. Drip – An eCommerce tool to collect email addresses 


The header of the Drip website


Drip is a marketing automation tool that enables you to capture the email address of the customer through popups and then distributes them into an automatic framework, enabling you to nurture leads with customized emails.

It also helps you to automatically segment your consumers through website visits, form information, past orders, email replies, and much more. By categorizing your customers into different groups, you can create potential marketing and sales emails that are uniquely tailored to each audience group.

Major features:

  • Customize email content for every subscriber
  • Collect new subscriber information through forms, widgets, and pop-ups
  • Ability to remove subscribers who are not engaged actively
  • Track campaign metrics with more than 10 report templates
  • Send targeted email campaigns, including broadcast emails and one-off emails

Price: Starts from $19/month


11. MailChimp – A marketing automation tool for your eCommerce business


The header of the MailChimp website


MailChimp is a marketing automation tool tailor-made for corporations who use email to stay connected with their target audiences. It is a one-stop eCommerce tool for handling email lists, designing customized email templates, and cultivating and automating the whole email marketing campaign.

MailChimp not only helps you improve your email campaigns with technical tools (mailing list construction, template design, categorization, automation, and so on), but it also has statistical features that help you determine how well your email is performing.

Major features:

  • Create a one-of-a-kind email design from scratch using your own HTML code
  • Choose from abundant ready-made email templates
  • Map out the entire customer journey through automation triggers
  • See detailed data on open rates, click rates, and unsubscribers
  • Decide the process flows for various segments of your audience depending on various triggers and how subscribers reacted to prior emails

Price: Free plan available; paid plans start from $9.99/month


12. Monetate (Kibo personalization) – Best eCommerce tool to run A/B tests


The header of the Monetate website


Kibo Personalization enables advertisers to make their clients feel heard and valued on a more personal basis. Driven by market pioneers Monetate and Certona, it enables brands to offer a truly integrated personalization plan and drive more sales.

Monetate is a major provider of website testing, targeting, and personalized solutions. This cloud-based eCommerce tool enables advertisers to quickly test and target product offerings and site capabilities, and immediately turn successful tests into customized messages and advertising promotions anywhere on the website.

Major features:

  • Tracks preferences of customers and conducts behaviour analysis
  • Send relevant and customized emails that contain links and promotions to your eCommerce store
  • A/B test content and campaigns and see what works best for your website
  • Build and analyze consumer profiles
  • Trigger emails and messages by location, behaviour, interests, and activity of customers

Price: Contact the customer support team to know about the pricing structure


13. Chatfuel – A tool to create chatbots for your eCommerce website


The header of the Chatfuel website


Chatfuel is a bot-building platform that offers a centralized forum for individuals and companies to create AI chatbots. Chatfuel seeks to provide users with a convenient and powerful bot-building approach by incorporating basic editing capabilities, multi-user profiles, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), as well as streamlined third-party collaboration and analytics technologies.

Major features:

  • Design chatbots easily without the need for any prior knowledge in coding or programming
  • Collaborate with your team members and work together on your chatbots
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 assistance
  • Reduce the overall budget allocated to customer support services
  • Integrates with a variety of sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote, enabling users to quickly sync their bot with common apps.

Price: Free plan available; paid plans start from $15/month


Save time and boost efficiency with eCommerce tools

Due to the fierce rivalry in the eCommerce market, retailers have been forced to look beyond the conventional ways of operating their online stores. Thus, there are never enough hours in the day and never enough tools when it comes to optimizing your eCommerce store.

However, with these 13 best eCommerce tools that we have curated for you, you will be able to use your time more efficiently and make significant improvements in your store. Take a look through all of them and try the ones you think are right for your business!

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