Best Tactics to Increase the Mobile App Engagement

App Engagement is something which developers need to keep in mind from the very nascent phases of the app development process. It is not just the business aspects which drives a particular app, but factors like how user-friendly it is and how often do people want to visit our app that makes a successful mobile application in today’s world.

The digital platform has experienced a steady shift from businesses more inclined towards increasing the count of their customers to business more focused on engagement and retention of its customers. It is not the number of downloads of our app over the app store, but the number of active users of the app which matters.

We need to ensure that our apps have effective engagement strategies in place and that users find it interesting enough to get back to it once in a while. Let’s have a look at the best tactics to increase mobile app engagement to ensure high profits and turnover in our business.



1. An app with a value

We need to ensure that the app being developed brings value to the targeted group of individuals. The users are often quite busy on their own schedule and unless and until the app adds enough value to their life in some way or the other, people tend to forget these apps.

The app should be better than those of our competitors and be efficient enough to make the life of people simpler and easier in its own way. If the app brings in a value addition to the life of its users, people are sure to return to it.


2. Push Notifications and Emails

As people have a tendency to often forget about the apps, we need to take proper steps to grab their attention and ensure that they return to our app. The most popular and effective ways to ensure mobile app engagement are Emails and Push Notifications.


We can send out newsletters at a particular interval to inform our users of the promotions, offers, discounts, newly added features and major upgrades to our app.

Push Notifications:

We can use push notifications to not only remind users of our app, but can also encourage them to take certain actions. These alerts can be designed in such a way that people realize that they are missing out on something useful and interesting and thereby return to our app.


3. Easy onboarding

The apps should be designed keeping in mind the group of individuals who do not belong to the technical domain. The onboarding experience should be made as easy as possible and this should be kept in mind during the mobile phone application development process.

If the onboarding is a complex one, involving a lot of steps to be completed, people are likely to abandon the app real soon. First impression matters and user experience is no exception.


4. Personalization

People find it quite impressive if emails or notifications are personalized. Even having the name of the user at the beginning of the notification creates quite an impression. Apps no longer need to be something which delivers a uniform experience to all its users.

We should work towards personalizing the user experience by utilizing the user-specific data we have to provide relevant content and information on our app. We should make efficient use of the location, preferences and individual behavior of the users to offer greater personalization in the content of push notifications and emails.


5. Offers and Rewards

This is one of the most commonly used mobile app engagement techniques deployed by app developers in recent times. We need to come with offers and rewards, depending upon the type of our app to ensure that users return frequently to avail these offers and grab the rewards.

These can be something like a discount code which is available at a certain time during the day or some reward points which are made available on a particular day of the week. This is an area where we can innovate and try out new and interesting strategies to see which one has the best app engagement rate. This is totally dependent upon the domain in which our app deals with and there is nothing which can be generalized here.



These are some of the best mobile app engagement tactics which can be implemented to ensure impressive outcomes. The underlying idea is quite simple, we just need to create that much-needed incentive for the users to return to our app by offering something useful or informative or simply entertaining content.

Regular notifications in the form of weekly or monthly emails or push notifications are quite important as they do not let people forget an app they installed a while ago. App Engagement and User retention have proven to be equally, if not more important than User Acquisition in recent times and this is something which needs to be taken quite seriously to ensure a steady growth in popularity of our app.