The Top 10 Amazon Keyword Research Tools You Need

Whether you are an experienced or first-time Amazon seller, you must know what customers look for when shopping online. This way, you can develop products and carry out strategies that target their wants and needs.

One way to do this is keyword research, which you can use for search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. Below are some helpful and effective Amazon keyword research tools that Amazon sellers, like you, can use to scale their businesses.



1. Google Keyword Planner

As an Amazon seller, you can use Google not only to measure brand equity but also to search for the right keywords you need to increase your traffic and sales. If you are starting your business and have limited funds for using advanced seller tools, Google Keyword Planner would be best for you because it is free.

This tool can help you identify the popular keywords and phrases among online users, track search volumes in geographical areas, and compare trends related to your products or services. But because it is created mainly for Google, its suggestions might not suit Amazon since Google uses a different algorithm.


2. Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the most used keyword research tools among sellers and SEO specialists because of its straightforward and helpful features. These include monitoring organic and paid keywords in real-time and accessing product ranking data for boosted keywords through Rocket Boost.

With Helium 10, you can also gather essential information about your targeted keywords by tracking keyword rankings and percentage changes. In addition, you can predict monthly customer searches and trends as well as compare your SEO strategies to your competitors.

If you don’t want to resort to blackhat tricks that could lead to your Amazon suspension, investing in a tool like Helium 10 would be best for you. You can choose to use its free version with limited features or avail of its premium plans.


3. AMZ.One

If you need to boost your traffic and sales, another useful keyword research tool you can try is AMZ.One. Its keyword rank tracker feature allows you to monitor your products’ daily rankings by selecting any keyword from where you are already ranking.

AMZ.One offers a free 14-day trial period if you want to try out its tool and features first before paying for a subscription. Once you decide that AMZ.One is right for you, you can choose from their various premium plans with an unlimited keyword research feature.

Additionally, using any paid plans allows you to reverse the Amazon Standard Identifying Number (ASIN) search to determine your competitors’ ranking search terms.



4. Jungle Scout

Besides providing Amazon seller assistance services, Jungle Scout also offers powerful software tools for sellers, such as Keyword Scout. Using this, you can gather high-converting keywords that you can use on your product listings. Furthermore, it allows you to gain crucial information about your competitors’ targeted keywords to help you adjust your strategies accordingly.

To maximize Jungle Scout’s tools, you can install its Chrome extension or use the web app. With the extension, you can acquire easy keyword searching that shows items or niches you might want to check out. Meanwhile, the web app gives you access to native keyword searches, showing relevant in-demand products.


5. Keyword Tool

One free but trustworthy keyword research tool you can use online is Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to generate a list of relevant keywords that you can include on your product title, descriptions, and backend keywords as part of Amazon search engine optimization (SEO). But you can also use them for your online advertising or running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

While the free version is already beneficial to Amazon sellers, the paid version provides more keywords. Additionally, you can unlock other features to access more relevant data and a faster keyword research process.


6. Ahrefs

As one of the oldest keyword research tools, Ahrefs has been a valued partner of many Amazon sellers and other marketers worldwide. It stores more than 7 billion keywords with data from different countries, which can be helpful to different entrepreneurs all over the world.

With this vast repertoire of keywords, you can gain extensive and precise information for your keyword research. Moreover, it allows you to view your competitors’ organic keywords, backlinks, and PPC ads.

But to access all these wonderful features, you need to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. So, if you want to explore all functions first, try out its 7-day trial period before getting any plan.



7. ScientificSeller

Named the world’s slowest keyword research tool by its developers, ScientificSeller has an interesting but reliable method of gathering keywords for its users. Most keyword research tools would generate numerous keywords in minutes, but ScientificSeller approaches this task longer than others by digging further into long-tail keywords you would never think of yourself.

Using this tool, you can rank high on long-tail keywords because customers commonly use them, but your competitors might never use them, which secures your spot for your target keyword.


8. SellerApp

Another powerful and compact platform for keyword research that you can consider is SellerApp. Its free keyword research tool allows you to identify relevant and high-ranking keywords on Amazon. Besides that, you can also access the keywords’ monthly search volumes, impression rates, and relevance scores.

With the data gathered from this tool, you can optimize your product listings and PPC campaigns on Amazon to increase conversions and grow your business.


9. MerchantWords

If you are looking for an established keyword research tool, MerchantWords is right for you. Since 2012, it has been compiling various keywords and looks into 11 Amazon marketplaces worldwide to provide you with the data you need for your business.

Using this tool, you can search your chosen keyword and check its variations and search volume to know if it’s worth including in your product listing. Furthermore, MerchantWords can generate long-tail keywords to help you narrow your search to the least competition but highest search volume.


10. Sonar

Sellics created a free keyword research tool called Sonar. It provides data from the searches done on the Amazon platform alone, which makes its results reliable and accurate. Other features include using reverse ASIN to determine your competitors’ strategies, providing index checks, and looking into PPC searches.

Even though Sonar’s free version will benefit you already, availing of their premium plans will allow you to get PPC coaching, performance reviews, and PPC and budget optimization.



Whether you are a new or experienced Amazon seller, you should ensure that your keywords are relevant and effective in driving conversions. After all, Amazon has over 2 billion site visitors whose attention you have to capture.

To get more visibility in the Amazon marketplace, you need to utilize free and paid keyword research tools online, such as Google Keyword Planner, Helium 10, AMZ.One, Jungle Scout, Keyword Tool, Ahrefs, ScientificSeller, SellerApp, MerchantWords, and Sonar.

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