8 Facebook Advertising Tools That Will Surely Spruce Up Your Campaigns

Facebook Ad Management tools can be tricky. Facebook has changed its algorithm a couple of times over the years and keeps on evolving. As a result, advertisements and publicity on Facebook are challenging for businesses.

Still, Facebook advertising remains one of the most effective ways of promoting your products and business online. With a wide variety of users, people are constantly looking for stuff online and sharing the things that they like on the platform.

Utilizing an excellent Facebook Ad Management tool is essential in gathering as many leads as possible, turning a lot of users into existing clients and collaborators.


Facebook Tool


In this post, we will walk you through the eight Facebook advertising tools that will surely spruce up your campaigns in no time:


Facebook Ads Manager

Whether you are a desktop or smartphone user, one of the best ways to go by your Facebook Ads is through Facebook itself.

The tool lets you access all the essential marketing tools to come up with a well-targeted ad that enhances your reach, and earns you money as a result.

Although this is a basic tool when it comes to Facebook marketing, it is widely used by single users, professionals, and companies from all over the world.

Here’s how you can get started with Facebook Ads:

  • Make a Facebook Page
  • Give information on what you want to promote
  • Pick the appropriate audience for your ad
  • Set your budget
  • Track your results



Facebook Creative Hub Tool

Creatively using your Facebook Ads can have a large impact on the overall performance of your ad. No matter how great your copy or offer is, when your ad creative does not immediately grab your audience’s attention, then you are unlikely going to leverage your business.

Facebook’s Creative Hub aims to improve your ad creative and create winning ads.

It allows you to:

  • Test your video performance
  • Make mock-ups of your ads before you go live
  • Make an inspiration gallery of ads that are high-performing on mobile



Publishing a steady stream of interesting and relevant content is vital. However, it is always challenging to go hunt all that share-worthy stuff online.

Luckily, you can outsource the scavenging to DrumUp so you can easily cross that task right off your list of to-dos!

This tool looks for highly compelling stories that are a great fit for your audiences, ranking them, and queueing them to be shared on social media.

For you to get started, all you have to do is to give them a list of relevant keywords. Then the tool scours the web for stories that are related to the keywords you have provided.

If you see a story that you like, all you need to do is to click it and the tool will then add it in your share queue. It will even choose the optimal time for your post to be published.



If you are looking for a practical and simple Facebook ad creation tool, then AdExpresso is the ultimate solution.

Facebook’s platform gives many ad variants and its targeting options make it quite challenging to test every one of them. After all, it takes a lot of time to set multiple ads up.

Luckily, AdExpresso’s multivariant technology makes it quite easy to test and optimize your ads, boosting the ROI in your campaigns.

You can also test different variations of your Facebook Ads depending on your target audience, and know which one is generating the best results. On top of that, you can also create from your Facebook Ads fully customized PDF reports.



Another great platform when creating a great Facebook advertising campaign is Qwaya. Although it lacks visual input that other apps have like AdEspresso, Qwaya is unique in its own way and is catering to middle and highly experienced users.

So, if you are just a beginner, then you are better off using other tools. However, if you want a more complex tool, then Qwaya provides you with an excellent opportunity to work with your team simultaneously on the same ad.


Hootsuite Ads

Is Hootsuite familiar to you? Then, you have probably used it in the past or is currently using it as a social media engagement platform for your social media channels.

However, only a few know that this can also be a Facebook ads management tool. One of its standout features is the ability to get your ads ready only in a matter of seconds, with its built-in scanner that picks the photo, shape, and text of your ad.

You do not have anything else to do. All you need is to approve the ad, and you are already good to go.


Facebook Audience Insights Tool

This is not a new tool, however, the data and functionality of Facebook Audience Insights have significantly changed over the years.

Facebook limited the access to insights then took off custom audience insights, information taken from third parties, and other financial information. However, Audience Insights does allow two effective functions to have a more solid understanding of saved audiences.

To get started, choose if you want to profile a saved audience that is made up of all users on Facebook or just to profile the ones that are connected to your page.

Keep in mind that the platform needs a considerable amount of data to be able to give you accurate insight. So, if you have less than 10k followers, you might be excluded from particular insights.



[Update – Likealyzer no longer exists]

This tool gives you an in-depth assessment of the performance of your Facebook page, as well as recommendations to boost your brand engagement.

Unlike other free tools out there, you do not have to give any personal information to get the assessment. All you need to do is plug-in your page URL and it is already generated automatically in seconds.

The reports are user-friendly as well, providing you with clear insights on what is working and what is not for your Facebook account.



So there you have it. In the ever-growing world of advertising your business on Facebook, hopefully, you will be able to benefit from the Facebook ad tools we have discussed in this article.

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