5 Tactics To Boost Sales on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used Social Media platforms and one of the best marketing channels too. Being one of the major pillars of digital marketing, it is a unique platform that allows brands to showcase their products and services.

Instagram gives the opportunity to increase visibility and attract engaged customers. This is the reason why just one casual look at an image on Instagram has the potential to bring a brand into focus.

As a brand, you can create high-quality images to use as advertisements. However the visibility of your ads on Instagram depends on how effectively and creatively you post. Find out 5 tactics to boost sales on Instagram below.


5 tactics to boost sales on Instagram


Post Fascinating Images:

Instagram is, of course, a visual platform. Therefore the most basic requirement that you need to fulfil to succeed is to only post high-quality images. Your images need to stand out to attract the attention of potential customers. Highlight the product that you want to promote in an interesting and creative way. Once the customer visits your Instagram profile, they will more easily be swayed by the images you have posted, but you have to get them to your profile from their feed first.

When you post updates on Instagram, you need to make sure that each image matches your overall branding and business strategy. This is so that they will give the viewer an authentic feel of your brand. For example if your brand is sleek and minimalist, then your Instagram page should represent the same. Always keep in mind that the visual representation of your brand online can be the first encounter for prospective customers, so always make sure that it is unforgettable.


Invest in ads on Instagram:

If your brand is fairly new, then investing in advertisements on Instagram can prove to be very worthwhile. They can help you reach new target audiences. While building marketing strategies for Instagram, you must make sure that your advertising plan will help you in reaching the customers who are most likely to be interested in your product.

One must always keep in mind that an effective Instagram strategy can act as a catalyst to your business. Also nowadays, Instagram allows you to partner with your e-commerce website. This can take you one step further, providing the feature of product tagging and a seamless customer checkout experience.


Work with Influencers:

Instagram today offers you a number of varied influencers who have access to a very powerful audience. These audiences can be huge in number. These influencers can help you make inroads to the right audience for your product or services. Working with influencers can help you position your brand in a better manner on the platform.

One way of working with an influencer is you can pay them for a post and include them in the call to action that directs to your website. Another way is by conducting a contest where in the influencer will post a picture of a giveaway, with a term of liking the picture and tagging their friends in it. This allows you to convert influencer’s audience to your audience. These tricks can boost the engagement on your website and promote purchases.


Make Hashtags a part of your strategy:

Instagram is a visual platform and hence the major importance is of images. After images, what is of most importance are hashtags. When users search Instagram, the hashtags you have used are what will get your images in front of them.

There are various ways to choose which hashtags to use as part of your strategy. If you use popular hashtags, your posts will potentially be seen by lots more people. However you will also be competing with lots of other images which are also using the same hashtag. There is a high potential for zero engagement with this strategy, but there is also a chance that your post will get a huge amount of interest.

Alternately, if you use less popular hashtags which are more relevant to your brand you will have a smaller potential audience. However you will be competing with less other images, and as the hashtag is actually relevant to what the user searched for, they are more likely to be interested in your post.

You can also use hashtags to simply attract new followers for your page, by using them to describe your brand rather than an individual post. Whatever strategy you use, using hashtags on each post should be made mandatory.


Be Humorous with your content:

Humour has an important role to play when it comes to engaging customers. In order to increase your sales, try to use some jokes and relatable humour in your Instagram posts. The major goal of adding humour in posts is to improve the perception of people in regard to your brand. Major brands try to engage their customer by posting funny and relatable quotes.

If humorous content is not what brings engagement, then think of content that is thought-provoking and inspiring. Instagram is the perfect platform for quote posts, or anything which is relatable by a wide audience.



Social Media is constantly evolving, and Instagram is no exception. The above mentioned tricks will give you some lead on how to increase sales on Instagram. Utilising these opportunities to generate engagement and product promotion is essential for selling, and if done correctly can reinvigorate your business.