3 Ways To Increase Sales With Marketing Automation (6 Useful Examples Inside)

In the 21st century, when automation has become second nature to many tasks, marketing specialists aren’t staying off the bandwagon.

Targeted marketing automation is one of the most nurtured tools for numerous promotional campaigns. It can optimize marketing efforts, help focus on other tasks, generate more leads, and much more.

The variety of marketing automation tools is going through the roof. Marketing experts are ploughing through the latest developments, looking for more ways to automate.

Can target marketing automation increase sales? Let’s look at a few ways it could help.


3 Ways To Increase Sales With Marketing Automation (6 Useful Examples Inside)


1. Implementing Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has been available since 2009. However, it has gotten popular rather recently, when the majority of downsides have been eliminated.

This marketing automation tool allows you to target your audience with a strategically placed advertisement. Unlike manual targeting, you get a chance to share your needs with a platform and get the best ad spots available for your budget.

You tell the platform the parameters of your target audience as well as how much money you are willing to spend on ads. The platform searches for spots, which your target audience is likely to visit, negotiates the price of ad space and places your ad where you want it the most.

The better your audience is targeted with programmatic advertising, the more leads you can generate, thus increasing sales.

Sixty-two percent of marketers use programmatic advertising to achieve their brand objectives today and the number is growing.



2. Using Email Marketing Automation

Even though email marketing is one of the oldest tools in the world of promotion, it’s still a highly effective one. In fact, it has the strongest ROI. One of the toughest issues with email marketing is scalability. That’s where automation comes in.

Email marketing software can help deal with email personalization, email timing, and audience targeting matters.

Email sending can be triggered by the client (a confirmation email after sign up) or by the sender (promotional materials). Targeted marketing automation for the email component of the campaign can substantially decrease the amount of effort spent by the team while making conversions. As a result, sales go up.

Email marketing automation is an excellent way to retain existing customers by maintaining a strong relationship with them. Marketing experts get an opportunity to schedule email sending according to certain events, such as birthdays or “5 years with the company” anniversaries.

It’s important to remember that opting for email automation doesn’t mean you can ignore content quality. You still have to work on the subject lines and materials inside the email. The content should appear highly personalized. These days, anything generalized can easily put your email in the spam folder.


3. Employing Automated Marketing Analytics

An important way to boost profits with marketing automation is to find the right analytics software. Such software measures the performance of your campaign and helps you understand which changes need to be made.

The majority of marketing efforts doesn’t provide visible results immediately. You may need to wait for weeks to see it working. If you make a mistake at the initial stages, you may not realize its consequences until it’s too late.

That’s where automated marketing analytics comes in. Such software monitors your campaign from the beginning and gives you a full picture of how well it’s doing. The popular analytics tools such as Google Analytics and SEMRush have already become an integral part of the majority of marketing campaigns all over the world.


6 Examples Of Marketing Automation

In order to get a better idea of how marketing automation works, let’s look at the most efficient examples.

1. Welcome Emails

A welcome email is an excellent way to show the potential clients you care for their needs and offer promotional materials inside. Such emails also serve a purpose of registration confirmation to make sure you are putting a valid address on your email list.

2. Multi-Reach Programs

When you are drafting your promotional materials, sending the same content all across your marketing channels can be annoying to clients and ineffective for you. Multi-reach automation programs allow you to schedule your posts, messages, and emails in order to ensure content variety.

This way, your client doesn’t have to read the same information on Facebook, Instagram, email, and SMS.

3. Keyword Search

SEO is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Without putting your website on the first page on search engines, it’s virtually impossible to outrun the competition. While you are working hard to create high-quality content, you need to make sure it’s SEO optimized. That’s where automated keyword search comes in.

According to SEO experts at Miromind, without keyword search automation software, the level of content optimization for search engines isn’t sufficient enough for proper promotional efforts.

4. Win-Back Efforts

After some period of inactivity, you want to remind your clients that you want their attention. Marketing automation tools can target inactive customers at a convenient time, not allowing your company to disappear from their radars.

5. Abandoned Cart Reminders

More than $4 trillion is left in abandoned carts every year. A timely sent reminder about items left in the cart could bring the client back. Abandoned cart emails can increase sales substantially but only if they are created at the right time.

Meanwhile, you can retarget such clients by using strategically placed ads and contextual advertising.

6. Following Clients

Marketing automation efforts are especially noticeable when you have to follow the client through the buying process. Without regular reminders, useful tips, and nurturing, you may never make the sale. Marketing automation helps you do it correctly with the least effort on the team’s part.


Final Thoughts

Targeted marketing automation can increase sales and cut efforts and expenses but only when used correctly. While numerous tools exist to implement in your campaign, you still need to build a contextual and efficient experience based on your client’s needs.

It’s highly important not to rely on the automation completely. This takes personalization out of the process and decreases the campaign’s efficiency.

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