10 Rules to Follow for AdWords Ad Grants [Infographic]

Following on from our earlier postHow Charities Can Get a $10k Per Month AdWords Grant from Google“, we thought it would be a good idea to simply breakdown the new rules for Google AdWords Ad Grant holders.

These aren’t that difficult to uphold, but they can see overwhelming at first. There is always the option for charities to switch the AdWords Express to make their account management easier. However this misses out on tons of targeting options and opportunities.

So we highly recommend trying to manage your account and keep it within the rules. If your account is in breach of the rules, Google will let you know by email or by notifications within your account (or both). They are very helpful to AdWords Grantees, so get in touch if you are worried.

The AdWords phone number is 1-866-2-Google (or 1-866-246-6453).


Top Tip: The full Google Ad Grants Policy is here and if your account is suspended you can request reactivation at bit.ly/reactivateadgrants


Without further ado, here is out helpful infographic on 10 Rules to Follow for AdWords Ad Grants: