Online Advertising is a confusing and complicated industry – mainly technically, but also morally and personally. Learning to be good at troubleshooting is a key skill to maximising your ad revenue, and not to be taken lightly.

From learning to fix ads to learning to deal with the most annoying people, troubleshooting in advertising is a skill that is transferable to all walks of life.

We deal with a few of the most common problems you will come across in your dealings with online advertising below. If you work with online advertising for any amount of time, you will very likely come across one or all of these problems and certainly many more not listed.

Even though sometimes they will seem insurmountable and rage-inducing, always try and keep your eyes on the prize – what do you want out of a situation and how can you get it. Ignoring obfuscation of issues is a key skill for all industries, but especially this one – so good luck out there!

We wish we could provide a comprehensive list of problems you may come across, but having maintained such lists in the past, it’s actually fairly rare that the same problem comes up twice!

Therefore do your best, think on your feet, and don’t get overly down about problems – as a positive attitude and finding the right person to speak to is generally all you need in any situation.

Note: Troubleshooting all the problems which arise can take a surprising amount of your time, which is why we value low effort ad networks such as Google AdSense so much.


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