Introduction To Placing Ads On Your Site

So you finally did it – you made your very own website and are now hoping that fame and riches will follow.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just sitting back and waiting. There is still plenty you need to do to grow your site, as well as make money from it. To make money placing ads on your site, you will first need to find ads for your site. Fortunately, we can help you with both, and for absolutely free!

To find out more about growing your site, check out our Guide to Ad Buying for a little marketing know-how. To find out how to make money by placing ads on your site – read on…

This is a guide for website publishers who want to make money from online advertising. For big sites, it’s not that hard (they can just hire someone to deal with it), but for smaller sites that rely on a few people to do all the work regardless of what it is, The Online Advertising Guide is here to help.

We’re not affiliated with any company mentioned on this site. We may have worked with them and can vouch for them, but we gain nothing from promoting them, so our advice is completely impartial.

Our expertise started with Ad Operations. This means we’re not like other online advertising sites as we’re about making ads work, making sure advertisers and web publishers make as much money as possible.

We also know how to handle all the chaos which comes from a relatively new and complex industry such as online advertising.

Having been around the houses within the advertising industry we can honestly say that the best option for small sites is to work with ad networks, as with a little bit of help, they are the best and easiest way for small sites to make money from advertising.

So take a look around and hopefully we can help you to earn some money from your site. It can seem a bit complicated at points but persevere and the rewards will come, we promise.


Placing Ads On Your Site Guide


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