Display Advertising Guide

Display Advertising is how most of the internet funds itself.

Image or video ads shown on websites make most websites free at the point of use. They are also a vital tool in any Digital Marketers’ arsenal. While they don’t have the highest conversion rate, banner ads are a vital part of the digital marketing funnel, driving awareness so that other types of ads can drive conversions.

To find out more about Display Advertising, we’ve made these helpful guides. There is one from the point of view of buying ads and one from the point of view of selling ads.

We also have our ever-helpful Ad Size Guide to help you understand why and when to use each ad size. To understand the jargon, check out our guides on “How to Talk about Individual Online Ads” and “Names for Where Display Ads Are Shown“. Both are surprisingly long lists!

And then of course there is our Display Ad Glossary if you just want to freestyle your learning, and a set of quizzes to see if you really know what you are talking about.


Display Advertising Guide



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