Display Ad Size Quizzes & Exams

Do you know about display advertising ad sizes? Prove it by testing yourself against our Display Ad Size Quizzes & Exams!

The key to being a display ad sizes pro is repetition. It’s not about the breadth of your knowledge – it’s about knowing which ads work best in which situation and why. To that end these quizzes ask you about the same things over and over, using different names for the same ad sizes to try and keep you on your toes.

Oh, and you might need a calculator at hand before you get started (or at least an open excel spreadsheet). If you want to do some revision before you get started, take a look at our Ad Size Guide.

Try our easy, normal, and hard levels of quizzes to see whether you really know what you’re talking about. Then practise what you know with our Mock Exam before really testing yourself with our Final Exam. If you complete the final exam, you will get a certificate to prove your prowess.

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