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Get smarter with our Digital Marketing Quizzes!

Each one is designed to test your knowledge in a way that makes sure that you really know what you’re talking about! As well as being a fun way to get smarter, they’re a great way to reinforce all the things you’ve learned on

Each Category has quizzes of different levels to suit your own level of expertise. Anyone doing any digital marketing should be able to ace the Easy quizzes. The Normal level quizzes are for people who do digital marketing regularly, but perhaps not as their job. Hard level quizzes are there for people who really know what they are talking about – if you can get 100% on these quizzes then you are a digital marketer to be reckoned with.

Once you’ve completed these, there is a mock exam to practise what you’ve learned, followed by a Final Exam to really test your knowledge. If you successfully pass the Final Exam, we’ll send you a certificate proving you’re a bonafide expert.

We’ll be adding more quizzes all the time, so check back for more.


Digital Marketing Acronym Quizzes & Exams

Do you know your digital marketing jargon? Find out if you’ve been saying things correctly, or just saying things.

Easy Digital Marketing Acronym QuizEasy Acronym Quiz Normal Digital Marketing Acronym QuizNormal Acronym Quiz Hard Digital Marketing Acronym QuizHard Acronym Quiz Digital Marketing Acronyms Mock ExamAcronyms Mock Exam Digital Marketing Acronyms Final ExamAcronyms Final Exam Acronym FinderRevise: Acronym Finder


Display Ad Size Quizzes & Exams

Do you know about display advertising ad sizes? Find out if you’ve been using the right ads in the right places.

Easy Ad Size QuizEasy Ad Size Quiz Normal Ad Size QuizNormal Ad Size Quiz Hard Ad Size QuizHard Ad Size Quiz Display Ad Sizes Mock ExamDisplay Ad Sizes Mock Exam Display Ad Size Final ExamDisplay Ad Sizes Final Exam Ad Size GuideRevise: Ad Size Guide


Organic Social Media Quizzes & Exams

Do you know about organic social media? Find out if you’ve been posting like a pro, or failing like a … whale.
Easy Organic Social QuizEasy Organic Social Quiz Normal Organic Social QuizNormal Organic Social Quiz Hard Organic Social QuizHard Organic Social Quiz Organic Social Mock ExamOrganic Social Mock Exam Organic Social Final ExamOrganic Social Final Exam Social Media Marketing GuideRevise: SMM Guide