Digital Marketing Basics

If you’re new to Digital Marketing (or just need a refresher), then you’re in the right place – welcome to Digital Marketing Basics.

Digital marketing is such a sprawling landscape of different channels and platforms that it can be hard for anyone to keep up, or even know where to start. That is where this series of guides come in. Each one is intended to tackle a core part of digital marketing so that you can get a basic understanding and feel for why you should care about something in the first place. Once you have mastered the basics, you can use our digital marketing guides to learn more advanced techniques.

But for right now… let’s start from the beginning.


Digital Marketing Basics


Digital Marketing Basics Guides

This list of guides is constantly being added to. If there is something you would like us to cover immediately, please feel free to get in touch with me at

Digital Marketing GlossaryOnline Advertising Glossary

Digital Marketing is full of jargon. That’s why all through this site wherever you see a word with a dotted underline, that means it is linking to our Online Advertising Glossary. We don’t suggest you read the whole thing, but it’s important for you to know it’s there for whenever you need it.

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How A Website Can Boost Your BusinessHow A Website Can Boost Your Business

Why do you even need a website to start with? A helpful primer on 10 ways a website can help any business.

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Choosing A Web HostChoosing A Web Host

If you’re looking for a web host that’s actually decent and is going to guarantee your website has a solid host with a good reputation, then you’ll need to know a few important factors before you dive in.

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Why Your Website Needs A Cookie And Privacy Policy (And How To Add One)Why Your Website Needs A Cookie And Privacy Policy (And How To Add One)

If you have a website there is something that has to be considered carefully in your plan: the law. You need a Cookie And Privacy Policy.

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Why Should You Have A Blog?Why Should You Have A Blog?

Even if no one reads your blog it can help your website in a surprising amount of ways. Studies have shown they boost traffic, trust, leads, and sales, and are great for SEO.

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Get Your New Blog Ranking on GoogleGet Your New Blog Ranking on Google

Once you have a blog it’s important that it gets noticed. Find out a few simple techniques to get your blog picked up by Google, and how to get it ranking.

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Guest Posting: How To Make People Like You (and think you're smart!)Guest Posting: How To Make People Like You (and think you’re smart!)

Guest Posting seems counterintuitive – writing for other people for free will just benefit them right? Wrong. Find out some of the benefits here.

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The Beginner's Guide To On-Page SEOThe Beginner’s Guide To On-Page SEO

SEO isn’t rocket science. In this beginner’s guide to on-page SEO are some ways for you to grow traffic from Google to your website organically.

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How To Talk About Individual Online Ads (without sounding stupid)How To Talk About Individual Online Ads (without sounding stupid)

There are four ways to talk about individual online ads. Knowing the difference can help you deal with different stakeholders in a campaign.

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