Benchmark Tools

If you are looking for trends, or simply to compare your results to others then our benchmark tools are for you. We’ve gathered and processed data to give you running averages across all the most important online advertising metrics.

Each benchmark can be broken down so that you can find information that reflects your own situation. Use our handy benchmark tools to compare and contrast your performance quickly and easily.


Online Advertising Benchmark Tools

General Performance Benchmarks

Conversion Rate BenchmarksConversion Rate CTR BenchmarksCTR Engagement Rate BenchmarksEngagement Rate


CTR Benchmarks

CTR BenchmarksGeneral CTR Display Advertising CTRDisplay Advertising CTR Paid Search CTRPaid Search CTR Paid Social CTRPaid Social CTR


Social Media Benchmarks

Engagement Rate BenchmarksGeneral Engagement Rate Facebook Engagement Rate BenchmarksFacebook Engagement Rate Paid Social CTRPaid Social CTR