Behavioural Targeting Glossary

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  • a

  • Abandoned CartWhen someone adds something to their shopping cart on a website that sells things but then...   Learn More >
  • Abandoned Cart EmailAn Abandoned Cart Email is an email sent to people who started adding things to their shopping...   Learn More >
  • b

  • Behavioural AdvertisingAdvertising that is based on working out users interests by what websites they have visited,...   Learn More >
  • Behavioural SegmentationBehavioural Segmentation is the process of splitting people by their activity (or lack of...   Learn More >
  • Behavioural TargetingThis is a term used to describe targeting based on data that is gathered on a user. This can...   Learn More >
  • c

  • CookieA cookie is usually a way for a webpage to store a small amount of information on your computer...   Learn More >
  • d

  • Device TargetingDevice targeting is the process of making ads deliver on a specific type of computer - be it...   Learn More >
  • e

  • Exclusion PixelAn Exclusion Pixel is a way of stopping ads from appearing in a certain place or to a certain...   Learn More >
  • g

  • Geo-TargetingIn Digital Marketing, Geo-Targeting means aiming content (an ad, webpage etc) at a particular...   Learn More >
  • n

  • Negative TargetingThe process of targeting an ad away from a user or piece of content. For example, an airline may...   Learn More >
  • p

  • PixelA pixel is what makes up the images displayed on your computer. They are minute dots of colour,...   Learn More >
  • s

  • SegmentationSegmentation can take place in any form of digital marketing, and simply involves breaking...   Learn More >
  • t

  • TroubleshootingThe process of systematically testing for, finding and fixing problems (such as broken ads,...   Learn More >


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